Urgently seeking the four crowds of comic dialogue script. Essence Essence

The New Year's Day party will not have "Qiang Qiang Four" on New Year's Day, thank you, longer, Essence Essence It should be normally, do not political ,,, the original is the most suitable. Essence Essence thanks

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  1. The opening of Shi Fuguan
    Shi Fuguan: Hello everyone, I am very happy to participate in this Peony Awards evening, especially in our Nanjing Awards, which has this special significance. Because this Jiangsu, this sports career ... (at this time Hou Yaowen)
    Hou Yaowen: Hey! Intersection Are you here?
    The wealthy: Isn't it!
    Hou Yaowen: Find you for a long time!
    The Shi Fuguan: I am waiting for you for a long time!
    Hou Yaowen: You can't do such a big activity!
    The wealthy: Isn't it ~
    Hou Yaowen: When did you come?
    Shi Fuguan: Come and come for a while
    Hou Yaowen: Haha, hello (at this time Yu Qian Shang two people shaking hands to dry Shi Fuguan on the side)
    Shi Fuguan: Don't say hello to me ... they talked about them, they talked about them. Yes, I then performed my show.
    Hou, Yu: Hey! Why! You are here! We can't find you anymore!
    The wealth: Yes
    Hou, Yu: No you can!
    The wealthy: Too much award ~ (At this time, Guo Degang, Hou, Yu, and Guo, shaking hands)
    Hou, Yu: Find you for a long time!
    Guo: Really!
    stones: It's messy ... I thought I said hello to me!
    Hou, Yu, Guo: Hey! Why! You are here! This activity, no you can! We are looking for you! (Shi Xiangyuan looked at it, see who else ~)
    Hou: No, just look for you, look at the world.
    stones: Really find me?
    Hou: Find you for a long time!
    Yu: Yes, why do you ignore us?
    Hou: Yes!
    Yu: Dry us
    Stone: Gan me three times!
    Guo: There is nothing about me here! Their grandfather made a noise ~
    Stone: The performance of the award party ... you see you ...
    Hou: Yes, it is a performance, you can't do it alone. Essence你看,你看,我徒弟来了~rn石:这我徒弟也来啦~rn郭:全来了rn侯:德刚,rn郭:怎么着, master?
    Hou: I have heard of you and Yu Qian two recently?
    Guo: Everyone holds it ~
    Hou: Hold, it is a bit reasonable, you can't hold it blindly.
    Guo: Really?
    : But ah
    Guo: You said
    Hou: You can remember
    Guo: Hey
    Hou: Ah, you are Jia
    Guo Guo : I am
    Hou: He went to B
    Guo: Um ~ yes!
    Hou: You, you are a flower
    Guo: I am a flower
    Hou: Hey, you are safflower
    Guo: How about him?
    Hou: He is a green leaf
    Guo: Is this pressed with his face?
    Hou: To him green, he is like ~
    Guo: yes
    Hou: Is it right?
    Guo: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhin
    Guo: Yes, Master
    Stone: Recently cooperated with De Gang, very popular with everyone?
    Yu: Everyone lifts love ~
    Stone: Ah. To do a good job of cooperative relationship
    Yu: We are good
    Stone: Remember, the relationship between the two of you
    Yu, you say
    n Yu: Ah
    Stone: Say comic dialogue, three -pointer, seven points, we have 70 %
    for: weight is larger than him!
    : Of course!
    Yu: Strong weight!
    Stone: Future relationships, remember, we account for 70 %
    于: I have the bottom of
    stones: hey
    : :: Understand!
    Hou: I said wealth is rich. Can't
    Stone: Less rehearsal opportunities
    Hou: Let's take advantage of them today, let them all say a cross talk, let's pick the problem
    Stone: OK Ah, the opportunity is rare
    Hou: Remember that we are safflower,
    Stone: We account for seven points
    Guo: I am more solid in my heart, let's say a paragraph today. Also, my master is there, and give us pointers. Thank you for your silent encouragement. I am glad to come here. Those who know and do not know. Guo Degang, Yu Qian. Two people have a long cooperation. For me, I always think that Qian Brother is better than me.
    Yu: You are so polite
    Guo: Why, because people are better than me at home,
    : Family influence is very important
    Guo: Some people are not familiar with, not very familiar, Let me introduce, Yu Qian's father, Wang, for Beijing ...
    Yu: No right, do n’t talk down. My surname Yu, how can my father surnamed Wang?
    Guo: What do you mean?
    Yu: Also surnamed Yu!
    Guo: Also surnamed Yu?
    Yu: Ah ah
    Guo: Everyone does not know much, Father Yu is amazing. It is an old scientist
    Guo: Research is the name of the study ———— n in: Is this scientific research?
    Guo: We do n’t understand, so we carried a iron puppet and went out. After turning over the mountains, we opened the grave. There was a pot in it, and there was a bowl.
    Yu: It is called stealing grave and digging the grave
    Guo: amazing, scientific research.
    Yu: No scientific research
    Guo: I also met good things
    Yu: Have you seen it?
    Guo: Then go out, click on the stubbornly, when you see a dead corpse lying in the grave, there is no bone in the long age, and there is no meat left. Stick, write Ruyi's golden hoop stick
    Yu: My father threw Sun Monkey's grave!
    Guo: Weighing 36,000 pounds, his father is quite wondering
    Yu: What do you say?
    Guo: Oh, the grave of the brother
    Yu: Where is this? Where is my brother?
    Guo: Don't you shout like this?
    Yu: The TV series can shout like this. My dad cannot be with the pig eight precepts
    Guo: I do n’t know if it ’s true, it’ s fake
    . : It's really big, long! Get ~ Long! Yes ~ The bigger the more you can't get away, the little little little little
    Yu: Is it small?
    Guo: Little ones are like a needle. I picked it up and hid in my ears.
    Yu: He is Sun Monkey
    Guo: Just hid, the village chief is here, why are you doing that? Nothing to do nothing. Do you plans Sun Wukong this grave? No ! Where is this golden hoop? take it out. I didn't move. You are looking for unlucky!
    Yu: What is it?
    Guo: You want to go. Big ! Dead ~
    Yu: Go you!
    Hou, Shi: After finishing speaking?
    Guo, Yu: After that, let's take a look at
    Hou: You come over and come over and tell you
    Guo: What is it?
    Hou: Why are you not lingering yet?
    Guo: What about he pressed me?
    Hou: Yes, his voice pressed you! In addition, your speech is too slow, and there are many empty gears in the middle of your speech. He can add the words in, you can't let him talk in, you are spending a child
    Stone: You, this word, too little
    Yu: Ah?
    Stone: You have to speak
    : I just have these words
    Stone: That's not a matter, let's take seven points, more words
    :: Change him?
    stones: In addition, you have to be tall.
    Yu: Pressing him?
    stones: You have to press him!
    Yu: Don't let him speak?
    stones: hey! If you play like this, he will look good! Let's take advantage of seven points! Come again again! rn郭:我长了,我长了我师父跟我说了(开始抢话)rn于:再来再来这个相声…rn郭:我给大家来说一段r N Yu: Two people perform
    Guo: Four homework
    Guo, Yu: Speak learning teasing
    Guo: In our comic dialogue ... (Continue to grab words! Then fight! )
    Hou: Okay!
    Guo: Do ​​we pay attention to taste ~ Ha
    Hou: Yes
    Guo: He still hand! Master
    Hou: How humorous!
    Stone: This is still humorous?
    Hou: Come here
    Guo: He returned, the master ~
    Stone: Crosstalk modified, this is not possible, Hu's idea
    Hou: Question
    Stone: What are the problems?
    Hou: Psychological problems, no
    stone: your pair!
    Hou: How can you act like this? Watching me and my Teacher Shi, we will play you again
    stones: Hey
    Guo: Learn from you
    Hou: This is called cooperation. This time, the two of us will give you a cross talk
    Stone: How good do you see two people
    : The two of us have been working for more than forty years
    R n: Until now, everyone may not be sure about the names of the two of us
    Stone: Can't distinguish it?
    Hou: Let me introduce you
    Stone: You talk about
    Hou: My real name is Hou Yaowen
    Stone: My real name is Shi Fukuan
    Hou: My art name What is called Hou Yaohua
    Stone: My art name is Shi Faye
    Hou: Hey ~ This is right
    Guo: Dar as ah
    Stone: Why am I dropped myself, Intersection I am a flower, you are Ye Hou Yaoye
    Hou: Hou Yaohua
    Stone: Shi Fuhua
    Hou: You are called Shi Fa Ye
    Guo: This shame is lost!
    Hou: I haven't seen him so unreasonable
    Guo: He is like this, mixed with
    stones: How do you make a teacher, you!
    Hou: What is the teacher table?
    Guo: Master
    Hou: What is the teacher's watch? I don't have a fever
    Stone: You don't understand the word teacher! Intersection
    Guo: After that, you stop your master, you stop, how can you have your family?
    Yu: You are not at the height
    Guo: Do ​​you stop, do n’t make trouble, do n’t make trouble, do n’t talk about conscience. No one is lazy if you are lazy. Do you know?
    Yu: What are you lazy?
    Guo: Do ​​you and this irritate or ignite this
    Yu: What kind of wind did I make me?
    Guo: Don't you say that you can fight (the two of them quarreled again and again, the master stepped forward to persuade) Do you know that I am horizontal?
    Hou: Teacher Shi, come to you
    Guo: This cross talk is too tired, so I ca n’t tell the strength
    Hou: Let me unite and solidarize you, let me explain to you Teacher Shi
    Guo: Who are you fighting?
    Hou: Don't beat people! Don't beat people
    Stone: It's endless, you
    Guo: Saying to tease
    Hou: Speak learning to sing!
    stones: Is it teasing?
    Guo: I changed it?
    Hou: Teacher Shi, Mr. Shi, I tell you
    Stone: Hey

    Stone: Yes
    Hou: Now it has changed from leaves to spending
    stones: Yes, this sounds comfortable
    People are all flowers
    Guo, Shi: Hey ~ yes!
    Yu: What about that leaf?
    Hou, Shi, Guo: You are left
    Yu: Sanhua, just one leaf?
    Hou, Shi, Guo: Yes Yu Ye Yu Ye
    Hou: You haven't listened to them, oh, you see again ~ Let us say
    Is that we say
    Stone: Sa Huan?
    呢 :: Who do you come over?
    Stone: No, I watched me and I dizzy. I don't know which one I was.
    Guo: You are here. No,
    Stone: Isn't it him who wants to be this flower?
    Stone: You see how awkward we sprinkle flowers. The three of us can sing
    Guo: Can you fight
    Stone: You can't sing
    :: Why can't I sing? When I was a kid, I practiced with them.
    Stone: I haven't taught you to sing.
    stones: ,, have you been a private kung fu?
    Yu: Yes
    Stone: Too a few words, let the two of them listen to
    : I also tell you, as long as you sing, you are also flowers r
    n Guo: Yes
    Yu: We all all flowers?
    Hou: Yes, all four people spent
    stones: Who is Ye?
    : The group of people brought by Shi Shengjie just now is called Ye
    stone, Guo, Yu: Oh! A group of leaves
    stones: Oh, so good apprentice sang two sentences for them
    Yu: The one that Shi Shengjie sang today drinking celebration wine today? Here is a paragraph
    Guo: The singing is really good
    Yu: Did I sing? It's not bad
    Guo: I boasted that you are waiting for you
    Yu: Today, I drink a lot of money with the same aspiration. More stronger than Shi Shengjie
    Stone: Can you pick out the problem?
    Hou: But let me talk to you, if we learn to sing, let's learn at most two or three points
    于: Yes, we are not as good as others
    Hou: Yes, listen to the Beijing opera people to listen to our cross talk actors? People listen to Kui Zhi, so we can't sing Kui Zhi
    Yu: You have to learn
    Hou: So we have to change it, let me tell you 364 in China, you have to take these few words. How beautiful is it to sing it with a local show?
    Hou: Can you sing? It is related to whether you can become a flower
    Yu: It doesn't matter
    Hou: Do you learn first? Then let's give you a simple first. You can also learn one example of the three of us for the first sentence of Peking Opera
    那: Okay, I also listen to the same drinking wine today
    Stone: Lai Japan's long -standing skills
    Guo: Sprinkle blood and write spring and autumn
    Hou, Shi, Yu: Okay!

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