Liverpool get back on track with a win over Wolves? Alaves v Sevilla

Copa del Rey: Alaves v Sevilla

Match time: 23-01-18 04:00 Wednesday

Team status analysis:

Alaves, who were relegated last season after a poor run of results, have been mediocre in the second division, with 10 wins, seven draws and six defeats, and are fifth in the league. A top-six spot in the promotion and relegation play-offs is guaranteed, but Alaves, who had been favourites to win promotion in general terms, are now five points adrift of second-placed Rasmus. The relatively poor away performance has also led to the team's competitive strength gradually to the mediocre, believe this season Alaves will not be able to compete for a top two direct promotion places, a play-off qualification may be the second half of the team's campaign to complete the task.

1X2 predictions,Aravis has won three and lost two of their last five matches. In the previous game, the team lost 1-0 away to Oviedo to end a three-game winning streak. In the course of the match, although Oviedo was much lower than Aravis in terms of overall strength and league ranking, the players of Aravis obviously played a little bit edgily in the match. Perhaps the defenders of Oviedo did play a lot of defensive moves, and the players of Aravis obviously played with a little bit of anger in the face of such defense. The turning point of the game came in the 72nd minute of the second half when Abukal was sent off for two yellow cards, Alaves quickly conceded a goal after being without a defender, Oviedo scored from a free-kick up front with a man advantage and Tallinn scored the only goal of the game. Over Aravis, who was more powerful on the whole.

Sevilla's recent state has picked up, the current record of three wins, six draws and eight losses, ranked 18th in the league. A team that finished in the top four of the league last season has suddenly become a relegation team. Sevilla's poor performance this season has surprised many fans. After selling a number of key defenders, Sevilla's solid defensive performance last season has been completely destroyed, and the team has failed to add suitable attacking players in three transfer Windows. The combination of these two weakening conditions has led to Sevilla's current predicament in the league.

Of course, Sevilla is still a team with a total player value of more than 200 million euros. After the return of the team in the off-season, it has shown a better competitive condition. The recent wave of three wins, one draw and one defeat is enough to prove this point. Believe this team this season at least to complete the relegation work will not be too difficult, but for the European competition place is the European League qualification for Sevilla will be a little far away, even if the follow-up team can recover the form of last season, but in the multi-front battle in the case of the squad thickness is not enough Sevilla is still difficult to achieve good results.

Analysis of the competition:

Last season, Alaves and Sevilla drew two games, failed to distinguish between the last ten meetings Alaves one win, four draws and five defeats, does not account for any psychological advantage. With Alaves already in Serie B this season, this Copa del Rey clash is likely to be the only time these two sides will meet. Sevilla are still a class above Alaves in terms of overall quality, but it is not hard to see from recent encounters between the two sides. Alaves' defence is capable of holding off Sevilla's advances, and Sevilla's strength has not increased this season, and the team cannot afford to focus on this kind of cup competition as it struggles in the league.

However, the Copa del Rey is also a more important competition for Spanish teams, no matter the teams are from the league level, normally will not be in this competition, plus the current Copa del Rey has entered the final round of the eighth, I believe that the two teams will play more cautious. It will be difficult for both sides to decide the winner over the regular 90 minutes, but the overall strength of Sevilla should be able to win through extra-time or the more brutal penalty shootout at the end of the regular game.

Fa Cup: Wolves v Liverpool

Match time: 2023-01-18 03:45 Wednesday

Team status analysis:

Wolves' recent form has improved slightly, with four wins, five draws and ten defeats, and they are 16th in the league. As a Premier League team, Wolves have been playing the role of a strong sniper in previous seasons, but this season due to the outbreak of player injuries, so the team has not been able to maintain the original competitive ability, and even dropped into the relegation zone. Fortunately, the World Cup off-season also left a long recovery period for Wolves, after the return of the off-season, the team's defensive ability is obviously there are signs of recovery, I believe that Wolves this season does not exist too much pressure to avoid relegation, but the team want to return to the top of the league is more difficult.

Of course, the Premier League is only halfway through the season, and if Wolves can build on their success in the final stages, they will still be in the way of a four-place finish. They drew against Liverpool in the FA Cup, which has a unique format that allows the replay to take place. With the template of a draw already in place, the Wolves players will be confident of adding to their tally in the replay, and with only the FA Cup remaining this season, it is clear that Wolves are not about to give up their only hope of winning the trophy.

Liverpool are in ninth place in the league with eight wins, four draws and six defeats. Klopp's coaching philosophy has been questioned by all sides this season, although Klopp has brought a lot of trophies for the team, but the tactical idea of pressing high position is indeed put Liverpool's players in a high-pressure environment for a long time, with the outbreak of serious injuries in the team, Liverpool in the multi-front environment is also frequently hit. Now Klopp's injury list is lengthening again, including Nunez, Jota and van Dijk a number of key players are injured, but also make Klopp in the squad is a little difficult to achieve good results this season, Liverpool may give up all cup competition to concentrate on the league four is the only way out.

Liverpool have won two, drawn one and lost two of their last five matches. Last game, the team suffered a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Brighton and Hove Albion. In terms of the course of the game, not only did Liverpool have no advantage on the field, they even shot six times less than Brighton at home. It was one of Liverpool's worst performances in recent seasons. Not only did Liverpool have no hope of coming back from behind, Klopp could only shake his head as he watched his team fail to fight back. It is impossible for Klopp to make any immediate adjustments to his team's confidence. In the end, Brighton won at their own stadium. The win was a considerable morale boost for the Brighton players.

Analysis of the competition:

The two teams have already played each other in the FA Cup, the replay so the two sides should be familiar with each other, but Liverpool's current injury situation is becoming more serious, the absence of defender van Dijk, so Klopp's three central defensive system can not continue to maintain, the last two games Klopp is a 433 impact formation, Although the arrival of Gacpo also injected some new tactics to the team, but for a newcomer just joined, how to integrate into the team system as soon as possible is the current problem facing Gacpo.

In addition, Wolves recently showed a strong defensive toughness, if the fans have long-term attention to Wolves, then the team's defensive ability should be understood. If it is normal, then last season, such as Manchester City such as the league, want to beat Wolves that is a very difficult thing, and now Liverpool is just a residual. Wolverhampton Wanderers will still be able to give Liverpool an advantage, but with fewer players, it will be very difficult for Liverpool to beat them in 90 minutes, and perhaps Wolves will be able to progress to the next stage of the FA Cup.

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