A fantasy crystal ball for all 12 signs

​crystal ball is one of the choices for girls as a gift. A beautiful crystal ball is very popular with girls, but be careful, dropping on the ground can be broken. If you have a beautiful crystal ball, you must protect yourself. Let's have a look at the crystal ball and Photo Frame Water Lantern, Leo's luxurious atmosphere, Gemini's quiet lovely!

Taurus: A purple bear crystal ball

Taurus is not a passionate person, and love at first sight is not easy, but the honest and cautious Taurus, when in love, will ignite a fire, they will give them all. Taurus's crystal ball is a purple bear with a romantic purple glow. Purple is also one of the colors most girls like, which is full of fantasy and romance.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) : Flower Girl Crystal Ball

Gemini is good at controlling love, is the feeling of love, is the lover's mind, knows how to create romance, how to make the lover happy, hates a boring life. Gemini's crystal ball has a flower girl, just like the flower spirit in the flowers, holding white flowers bowed head, quiet and lovely appearance.

Sagittarius: Christmas-style crystal ball

Sagittarius love is hormonal. It comes and goes quickly. When they fall in love with you and pursue you, they may be gone before you even turn your back on God. The Sagittarius crystal ball is Christmas-style. Christmas is the winter, snowflake season, with Christmas trees, little houses, and cute little elk.

Pisces: Ballerina crystal ball

Pisces love long flow, affectionate and graceful, amorous Pisces is considered to be the messenger of love, their dream of love has never stopped, no regrets to pay their true feelings. Pisces's crystal ball is the style of a ballerina girl, wearing a white tutu, lovely elegant, dancing girls are very charming, temperament is also very good.

Virgo: HelloKitty crystal ball

Virgo's attitude towards love and lovers is not to hurt you or betray you. They are very traditional and single-minded. Virgo's crystal ball is the style of Hello Kitty. ​Hello Kitty is a cartoon image that many girls like. It is cute and cute and very popular with girls.

Aquarius: Flamingo crystal ball

Aquarius's attitude towards love is in the middle, not like Aries, not like Sagittarius casual, not like Taurus down-to-earth, this is the unpredictable Aquarius. Aquarius is a flamingo crystal ball, pink flamingos in pink dreamlike sequins, forming the mood of a full girly heart, there are two flamingos inside, and one is blocked.

Libra: A pony crystal ball

Libra thinks that harmonious love will be more lasting and balanced. Libra is always a person who pursues peace, fairness and beauty. They need to pay and return equally, not only one person blindly. I like Libra's crystal ball very much, with the moon and the white pony, just like the beautiful pony in the Pony Polly.

Scorpio: Castle crystal ball

Scorpio has a high degree of passion and loyalty towards love. Although Scorpio, who looks indifferent at ordinary times, will give everything to love, Scorpio has the longest lasting love among the twelve constellations. Scorpio's crystal ball is a beautiful castle, given to the girl that has a very good meaning, meaning is: you like a princess in the fairy tale spoil.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) : Carousel crystal ball

Capricorn's love is simple and persistent. Like Taurus, they don't jump into the next relationship easily. Capricorn takes love seriously. Capricorn is the crystal ball of the carousel of fantasy romance. The carousel is regarded as one of the places where girls like to go on dates. In the TV series, romantic scenes are shot on the carousel.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22) The Royal Crystal Ball

Leo They are responsible and can be a good person to rely on and trust. They are undivided and faithful. Leo love lasts very long. Leo's crystal ball has a very luxurious atmosphere, a kind of royal feeling. The pattern is very delicate, looks a little expensive, suitable for Leo.

Aries: Pumpkin cart crystal ball

Aries dare to love and hate, bright personality, will not get into trouble with feelings, like lively love to play, love or true love or very loyal, easy to be tempted by the outside world. Aries crystal ball is a silver pumpkin cart style, and inside the princess and prince, the fairy tale ending is the prince and princess living a happy life.

Cancer (June 22-July 22) : Dreamy crystal ball

Cancer is a very gentle person. They make a good marriage partner, can maintain the family well, will guard you wholeheartedly. Cancer crystal ball looks very comfortable, a very dreamy feeling, although not too much color, but simple is also a kind of beauty, inside is a merry-go-round of crystal Oh.

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