In his first interview since the World Cup, Lionel Messi has spoken out about his biggest regrets

In his first interview since winning the World Cup, Messi spoke to Argentine media outlet TyC about his World Cup triumph and the details of his career.

"From that day on, everything changed," Messi said of his World Cup triumph. It's an impressive thing for me and for everyone. It's something we've been wanting for a long time. It's something I've wanted so much for my whole career and it's almost at the end of my career."

Speaking about the World Cup Schedule, Messi said he was relaxed: "Antonella and I have a bedtime chat like every night. It's a routine, but we didn't talk about the theme of the game."

"I was peaceful that night. I slept well. I didn't feel restless. I was very relaxed throughout the World Cup. I'm relieved. I can sleep well."

But the World Cup has not been easy. Messi said: "The most difficult moment was when we lost to Saudi Arabia and Mexico was the most difficult game we had because the danger was so close."

"I think it was the worst game we played because it was all about winning and it makes a big difference. But I'm confident that we can do it, that things will work out. If it weren't for our collective nature, I don't think it would have been possible to overcome the difficulties in that situation."

But when Monttiel kicked the final penalty, Messi had mixed feelings: "It's hard to explain how I felt at that moment. So many things were going through my head, but it was like nothing, like it was all over and I was enjoying it."

"I can't believe we finally got it (the World Cup). As you can see, it's over. The World Cup is mine. I achieved everything with my national team, just like I always dreamed of."

"It's definitely a unique way to be at the end of my career. I never thought it would be this way. It was a great feeling to win."

After winning, Messi kissed the World Cup: "I saw it there and I couldn't help it. The World Cup was calling to me, saying 'this is it, come and hold me, now you can touch me'. I thought I should kiss the World Cup because I did it and I needed it."

Speaking of his regrets, Messi blamed Maradona for not seeing him win the World Cup with Argentina: "I would have liked Diego to give me the trophy. At least he could have seen this -- Argentina's World Cup champion. Up there, he and so many others who love me have done so much for this."

If I had any advice for Messi, who has just left for Barcelona, he said: "I would tell him there are extraordinary things waiting for him, things he can't imagine."

"He will have a very beautiful path and he will have to overcome difficult moments, but never give up on the dream because eventually he will get what he wants in return and things will have a happy ending, just like in the movies."

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