When you don't know how to choose curtains, choose blinds

Curtains are now used by young homeowners

A must-have weapon for ambiance in a room

It is also one of the very important decorations in soft outfit

But I don't know when

Heavy cotton and hemp curtains were hung in every house

Until the last few years, when the demand for light has increased

Shutters are beautiful and durable

Began to be loved by young friends

To "see the light of day"!

Today, we're going to talk about the secret of blinds


Advantages of blinds

1. Create the atmosphere

Different from ordinary curtains, Plantation shutters can achieve a variety of light and shadow effects through the control of the fan blades, creating a sense of atmosphere that is incomparable to any curtain.

Or soft, or hard, or mottled, or sparse... The unique charm makes people irresistible, and the space becomes elegant with it!

2. Adjust the light

While regular curtains have only two options, either open or closed, blinds are more flexible with light. Because there are more angles in between from full blackout to full open. Effectively adjust the brightness and shade of the light, avoid the light is too harsh or too dark.

3. Good heat insulation effect

The blinds on the market are made of superior materials and have excellent thermal insulation properties. It can not only resist cold and high temperature, but also effectively adjust indoor temperature and ensure indoor comfort. It can also block ultraviolet light and avoid the problem of fading of indoor furniture affected by ultraviolet light.

4. Save space

Although the curtain is only a few pieces of fabric thickness, but if hanging ordinary curtains, is bound to reserve at least 15cm of opening and closing pull space. If hanging from a balcony, there is water resistance to consider, and the shutters are the perfect solution to these worries.


Blind faults

1. Insufficient blocking ability

While the advantages of blinds are irreplaceable, there are also some minor disadvantages. Shutter curtains can not be closely connected between the blades, there are some gaps in the middle, the shelter function will sometimes be slightly insufficient, if placed in the bedroom to be careful oh.

2. Cleaning is more troublesome

Shutter curtains are composed of many leaves. After a period of use, the leaves are easy to accumulate dust. When cleaning, it is more troublesome to wipe one piece.


Types and materials of blinds

In terms of types, blinds are mainly divided into horizontal blinds and longitudinal blinds. Horizontal louvers are parallel to the ceiling or floor, with blades angled up and down and retracted upward.

The longitudinal louvers are parallel to the wall, and the blades can be adjusted from left to right and retracted to both sides.

In terms of material, the common blinds are wood, PVC, aluminum alloy and so on. The wooden louvers have a high level of appearance and are highly decorative, creating an artistic atmosphere for the space. However, moisture-proof performance is poor, easy to mold after water, so it is suitable for installation in a ventilated and dry place, and the price is slightly expensive.

PVC shutter has a wide range of use, very versatile. Waterproof and moisture-proof, suitable for bathroom or kitchen and other places, and cheap, suitable for friends with a small budget, but easy to fade after a long time.

Aluminum alloy waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-fast, fireproof, not easy to rust deformation, very long service life, and shading and concealment is good, suitable for use in the bathroom, but the decoration is relatively poor, the price is high.


Suitable space for blinds

1. Living Room

The living room is the most frequented area of shutters, which can be flexibly adjusted to control the amount of light entering the space. Especially in the sun hot summer, effectively shelter the sun at the same time, will not affect the lighting.

2. Balcony

Many people don't have curtains on their balconies, but if you have cabinets, washing machines and wood floors on the balconies, don't save the curtains! It can effectively avoid the sun exposure caused by aging equipment, and ordinary curtains are not waterproof and heavy, then blinds are suitable!

3. Toilet

There is a lot of water vapor in the toilet, so ordinary cloth curtains are easy to be wet. The shutters can not only ensure the privacy of the owner, but also ensure good lighting and ventilation, so that the water vapor in the toilet can be accelerated to evaporate and keep the room dry.

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