european jewelry wholesale How to install a virtual Windows system in the Mac Apple system

european jewelry wholesale

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  1. jewelry ring holders wholesale The detailed installation tutorial is as follows:
    1, first download a Mac virtual machine software, such as: Parallels desktop.
    2. Installing the virtual machine software in its own Mac. This installation process is still very easy, and general junior users can also complete quickly.
    3, then you can start installation. Double -click to open the installed virtual machine.
    4. Open the installation wizard and double -click to install through the mirror file.
    5. At this time, the software will directly identify the Windows mirror file that exists in the computer. If you do not directly identify, manually find it. Therefore, it is best to prepare Windows mirror files after installation.
    6, then we can choose the way to install quickly.
    7. Fill in the name of the operating system and select its installation position. Of course, you can also keep the default settings directly. Click to continue installation.
    8. The subsequent operating system will begin to be automatically installed. Different installation requirements will occur according to different operating system requirements, but there are no complex operating steps, and the installation can be completed after a few minutes.
    9. After the installation is over, the effect of the figure below can be presented.
    The simple steps to complete the effect we want.

  2. gem jewelry wholesale Open the download page of the virtual machine:/Wiki/Downloads, and click "4.3.6 for OS X Hostsx86/AMD64" link to download in the page for download.
    The download directory in Finder's download directory "-4.3.4-91027-osx.dmg" file.
    This "Virtual Box.pkg" for installation.
    The click the "Continue" button according to the system security prompts.
    The application icon of "Virtual Box" in the system "Lanuchpad" after installation is complete.
    The "New" button in the upper left corner to start creating a virtual machine.

  3. wholesale tiffany jewelry china The method of MAC installation of Windows virtual machines can achieve seamless switching of MacOS and Windows dual systems, which is very convenient.

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