wholesale jewelry aliexpress Has anyone played Halo Waypoint?

wholesale jewelry aliexpress Has anyone played Halo Waypoint? Free, just don't know how to play ..................

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  1. wholesale gold jewelry india The first chapter of summoning the first chapter
    The army calendar on August 17, 2517 at 1130 pm
    Bojiangza, Bojiang Er, Bliss City
    orange sun, hot sunlight shines in Bliss City No. 1 On the playground of 1119 Primary School. A group of children laugh here, or climb the iron frame, or play Graff in the anti -heavy field. Dr. Halnsie and Lieutenant Case stood in the shadow of a canvas and glutian on the sidelines, watching them out of pretending to make Case very uncomfortable. He wore a loose gray suit, white shirt, and did not tie. Dr. Halnsie felt that his embarrassing and clumsy look was very cute.
    "Relax," Halqian said, "We are now a pair of parents who have inspected the school for the younger daughter." She lifted Kis's arm. What made her feel incredible is that the lieutenant stood even more straight.
    Halqian sighed, released his arm, opened his handbag, and took out his palm on the computer. Start browsing the documents she sorted out for this task.
    Id her research determines which genetic marks needed, and all the marks can be found on No. 117. However, Dr. Halqian knew that the theoretical perfection was far from enough. People are not only a collection of genes. Environment, mutation, moral outlook, and hundreds of other factors will have an unpredictable impact on this candidate and make it lost to the selection.
    The photo in the file is a typical six -year -old boy. A brown hair was chaotic, with a few freckles on his face, and his naughty smile showed that he had less front teeth. very good. She can use these characteristics to find this boy.
    "Our goal." She turned the display to the lieutenant and let him see the boy. Dr. Halnsie found that the photo was four months ago.
    didn't the military affairs bureau know how fast the child's change is? Carefulness, she added a remark in the document, asking the Military Intelligence Bureau to update the photos regularly in the future until the third stage of research begins. "Is it him? Lieutenant asked softly. The hills at the end of the playground nodded.
    Dr. Halnsie took the head.
    There were noisy and playing one by one, twisted, rolled down from the hillside, then stood up, then ran back to the top of the mountain, and came back.
    "The king of the hills. "Dr. Halqian said.
    The boy standing on the top of the mountain. He pushed and blocked, squeezed other children. For future research. Then she closer the lens to get a clearer image. The boy smiled and revealed the same lack of teeth in the same photo. She fixed the picture and compared the freckles on his face with the photos in the file .
    "This is the boy we are looking for. "
    . He is a head higher than other children, and -as he shows in the game -it is much stronger. Another boy hugs him from behind him. No. 117 Capture him, laughed and pushed him down the hillside, like throwing a small toy.
    three boys launched an attack on the boy together. Two grabbing his legs, and holding him with his arms holding him The chest. Four people rolled down the hillside together. Kicking and biting them on the 117th, kicked them away. Then he stood up, walked back to the top of the hill, pushed another child away, yelled and said that he was here. Wang.
    Dr. scanned the playground. The only adult here is helping a girl who breaks her knees to stand up and help her go to the medical room. Essence "Hargie said, handing his palm on the computer," I want to see it. "
    The children stopped playing and turned to look at her.
    " You have trouble. "A boy pushed the 117th. The other children looked at each other, and there were several embarrassing smiles, and a few slowly backwards. , A look of challenging at any time. He probably noticed that Halgie Well was not here to punish him -or he was so fearless. The doctor found that there was a bruise on his cheeks, his lips were broken, and his lips were broken. One mouth, the knee part of the pants was also cracked.
    . She took three steps forward. Several children went back three steps backwards.
    "I want to talk to you, I want to talk to you, May I? "She stared at her test body.
    In the end, she looked away on the 117th, shrugged, and ran down the mounds. Other children laughed behind him, and one still threw a small stone at him. . 117 ignored them at all.
    Dr. Halqian led him to a nearby pit.
    "What is your name? "She asked.
    " John. He said, stretched out his hand.
    Dr. Halqian did not expect that he would have physical contact. The father of this test body must have taught him this etiquette, or he has a strong imitation ability. N, she shook hands with the boy, and was surprised to the power of the little palm. "I was glad to see you. "She said, kneeling halfway, looking at the child." I want to ask, what are you doing just now? "
    " Win. "He said.
    Dr. Halqian laughed. He was not afraid of me at all ... If she participated in the game, No. 117 would also push her down the hill."
    "You like to play games "She said," I am too. "
    The boy sighed," Yeah, but they asked me to play international chess last week. It was too difficult, and there was no difficulty at all. " Gentleball. They won't let me play the gravity ball, maybe you can let them change their minds? "
    " I have a completely different game for you to play. "Halqian said to him," Look, "she took out a metal round piece from her pocket, shook at the sun, and continued," A long time ago, people regarded this round piece as currency. At that time, everyone lived on the earth. "
    The boy stared at this thing intently, then reached out, trying to take it over.
    Dr. Halqian shrank back his hand, and his thumb and index finger played with coins." Both sides are different. " Did you see clearly? The front is a personal avatar, and the back is a bird. It is called the eagle, and it holds ... "
    " arrow. "John said.
    " Yes, very good. "In this distance, you can see this detail clearly, indicating that his vision is superb." Our game must use this coin. If you win, I will give it to you. "
    John looked away from the coin, watched Dr. Halnsie with his head tilted." No problem. But I always win, so they won't let me play the heavily ball. "
    'I guess too."
    "How do you play this game?"
    "It is very simple. I will throw it up like this." A bomb. The coin slipped out of an arc in the air, rotating a few laps in the air and fell to the ground. "Next time, before it landed, I asked you to tell me that after it landed, it was the head facing up, or the eagle holding the arrow. Fight. "
    " I understand. "John tightened his body, his knees were slightly bent, but his eyes were not staring at Dr. Halqian and the coin.
    Dr. picked up the coin: "Are you ready?"
    John nodded gently.
    Halnsan quickly bounced the coin into the air to ensure that the rotation speed was fast enough.
    John observed with a strange look, as if he didn't look at the coin but stared at the distance. The coin passed through the air and fell to the ground -he suddenly reached out and grabbed the coin.
    John stretched out his tight fist. "Eagle!" He shouted.
    Halqian stretched out his hand and opened his fist.
    lying in John's hands, the eagle was shining in the orange sun.
    This when he really seized the coin, which side was up to the upper side? Or, he chose the side he hoped, and then grabbed it -the latter was even more incredible. She hopes that Lieutenant will not miss this picture.
    John retracted his hand: "It's mine, right? This is what you said."
    "Yes, you got it, John." Halqian smiled at him ... … But the smile disappeared.
    I should not call him his name. This is not a good sign. She can't afford this luxury -loves the luxury of the test body. She must abandon her emotions from her heart, and must maintain the distance of a scientist, must! Because life on No. 117 may end in a few months.
    "Can we play it again?"
    Dr. Halqian stood up. Unfortunately, I only have this. I have to go now, "she told John," Go back to play with your friends. "
    " Thank you. "He ran back and shouted at other boys," Look! "
    Arnsie to the Lieutenant Lieutenant. The asphalt floor shone under the sun was extremely hot, and she suddenly didn't want to stay outdoors. She wanted to return to the spacecraft, where she was cool and dark. She wanted to leave the planet immediately.
    It doctor walked back to the pergola and said to the lieutenant, "Are you recorded? "
    Lieder handed her palm to the computer and said confused," Yes, but what are you doing? " "
    D. Halqian checked the data recorded, and uploaded a copy of the Torang of the Han Dynasty as a backup.
    " We scan all the test body according to a specific genetic mark. Power, agility, and even the level of aggression and wisdom. But we cannot conduct remote testing of all projects. For example, we can't detect. "
    " Luck? Do you believe in luck, doctorate? "
    " Of course not. "She waved his hand contempt," But we have 150 candidate tests, but the equipment and funds can only support half. This is a simple mathematical exclusion method, lieutenant. This child is lucky -or he is better than others. In any case, he passed. "
    " I don't understand. Lieutenant Case said, he fiddled with the pipe in his pocket.
    "I hope you will always do this forever, the lieutenant. "Dr. Halqian answered softly," I hope you won't understand what we are doing, this is for you. "
    . She finally glanced at the 117th -John. He was playing, running, laughing. For a moment, Halqian felt that he was jealous of the boy's innocence -her own own That copy has already passed away. Survival and death, luck and misfortune, in any case, she declared that the boy would suffer endless pain and suffering.
    , but she had to do so.

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