1 thought on “What online games can you add friends?”

  1. You can add friends' online games:
    The World of Warcraft, QQ Speed, Dance Troupe, Dragon Valley, Xianxian 3, Tianya Mingyue Sword, Crossing the Fire, and so on.

    The introduction to a friend's online game is:
    1. "QQ Speed" is developed by Tencent's Linlangtiantian Game Studio. A online game released by Tencent Games is up to the highest online online More than 3 million. Combining leisure and competitive gameplay is a fashion racing game specially created for QQ users. It uses a physical engine PHYSX to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle when running.

    2. Follow the music festival and hit the corresponding arrow displayed on the screen on the keyboard. After completing the action, the virtual characters in the game will jump out of different dance movements. The game uses virtual cash systems to sell virtual character clothing, expressions, accessories, etc., and also provides some functional props, but most of the props need to be obtained through cash to purchase virtual currencies.
    3. "Tianya Mingyue Sword" is a martial arts -themed 3D multiplayer online role -playing computer client game developed by Tencent's Arctic Studio. The novel is adapted. The work has a wealth of social systems. In the game, players can worship and accept apprentices, participate in gangs, and participate in task activities with gang members. They can also join alliances and alliances to experience the battle between different camps.

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