1 thought on “Can the CPU of mining still use it?”

  1. Can be used. It should be that the Qi Anec by digging the Qi Aneng is mainly to lose the loss of the hard disk writing life to the CPU, which is minimal. They will not overclock at all, but use multi -core multi -threaded P drives. Most of the mines are relatively small for the CPU.
    cpu is not good at performing parallel operations at all. At a time, it performs a maximum of more than a dozen tasks. This is too far from the graphics card to have thousands of stream processors, and the graphics card is too high. As a general -purpose calculation unit, the CPU is designed with a lot of modules such as branch prediction units, storage units, and other modules. These are not helpful for improving computing power. In other words, the use of CPU mining is only the operation of mechanical operation.

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