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  1. Radiation absorption dose unit.
    Gray (GY) is an international standard unit that absorbs doses. GY (GY) is used to describe the energy absorbed by any radiation sources through various materials. (The original unit was Rad RAD). 1Gy = 1000mgy Nishi is the main unit of radiation dose of the basic unit of radiation dose is Sever (SV), but Sever is a very large unit. Therefore, it usually uses Michee (MSV). In terms of conditions, 1GY = 1SV.
    mgy (absorption dose) is the energy measurement of external irradiation. The unit is: Jiaoer per kilogram. The MSV (dose) focuses on the inherent absorption dosage of the tissue. The sensitivity of each organ organization to the rays is different. Different organ MSVs need to multiply a correction mark.
    In international units:
    The international unit system (System of Units) is a consistent unit system adopted and recommended by the International Measurement Conference (CGPM). In the international unit system, the unit is divided into three categories: basic units, export units and auxiliary units. The basic units of seven strict definitions are: length (meter), quality (kg), time (second), current (ampere), thermodynamic temperature (Kervin), material quantity (Moore), and luminous intensity (Kandla).

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