1 thought on “How did Lao Liang talk about Yu'ebao's money?”

  1. Yu'ebao is actually a fund wealth management product, a product of Ali and Tianhong Fund. In fact, with the name of Alibaba (Alipay) to attract everyone to invest, money has been invested in Tianhong Fund. Yu'ebao is actually a money fund wealth management product.
    The source of money:
    The borrowing money between banks to form a bank market. When some banks encounter tight funds (for example, when they encounter large loans), these banks will also borrow money from other banks or financial institutions to ensure the normal lending of the bank.
    It because the transactions between banks are generally short -term transactions, and the transaction volume is relatively large, the liquidity of the funds required is relatively high, so the interest of mutual borrowing between banks is much higher than the transaction rate between banks and stores.

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