5 thoughts on “Is Baichuan World Group a MLM company?”

  1. Be careful, this is a fraud company. For details, you can consult the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Fuzhou District of the Fujian Free Trade Zone

    First of all, from the essential profit model, it is not enough to support this profit system. With the concept of e -commerce and virtual Internet play, the post -90s generation is very easy to be hit!

    Secondly, the company's name is Baichuan. On the official website, there are many subsidiaries. The wealth management company has no correlation with listed companies

    It is inconsistent with the propaganda place. Because I happened to be in Fuzhou, I went to the company to check it. From the perspective of the company's appearance, I could not see the virtual currency of financial management. I could only use the publicity of the game currency

    . Please see the "use the Internet to operate game products (including online game virtual currency issuance, but require relevant departments to permit)" written on the scope of the business license. " No company has obtained permission; because relatives have been verified in the industry and commerce and banking supervision system!

    Fifth, even if the investment is really income. In the early stages of money, the period of the later reward may have the risk of investment to obtain a little possible benefit, because his game has not finished it, and his game has not finished it. Also need to join behind!

    Is please pay attention to it. Now, we are doing the banner of e -commerce and new Internet finance to make a circle of money! Intersection Intersection

  2. Don't maliciously resist Baichuan Company, the negative information of the scattered company is: Anti -MLM Alliance: Organization, under the banner of love of the Anti -MLM Alliance, specializing in the organization of the company's knock -up on the negative information side. The column of Liang Ting also exploded this organization. In the past, Amway was also exploded by MLM, and there were infinite poles, Quan Jian, etc. The final result was legal. Anyway Most of the people in the negative people of others are all idlers, and they are poor. The rich people do not have time to do these things. They like to discuss the right and wrong of others, and it seems that the head of the analysis is the Tao. If you really have such a savvy mind to analyze a certain way You may have been a millionaire in the project, do you have time to gossip here? I advise those who are idle and have to spread negative information, do n’t think they are smart. Stupid people are talking about

  3. I have a friend from Xinyu City. The Baichuan World is indeed in Xinyu. As for whether it is a MLM company, it is difficult to say, because he does have a physical company there, you can go to the website of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau

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