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  1. Ockhams Razor is one of the principles proposed by William of Occam, the 14th century philosopher, San Francis, the monk of St. Francis, the monk of St. Francis.

    The principle is to warn people "Do not waste more things to do less things." Later "If it is unnecessary, don't increase the entity."

    . The scientific application of Okham razor

    For scientists, the principle of Okham razor is more than Common forms of expression: When you have two theories that are in a competitive position, you can draw the same conclusion, so simple that is better.

    This also has a more common form: if you have two principles, they can explain the facts observed, then you should use the simple one until you find more ones more ones. evidence. The simplest explanation of the phenomenon is often more complicated. If you have two similar solutions, choose the simplest. The minimum assumption is most likely correct. Or appear in this self -affirmation: keep things simple!

    The notice how this principle is strengthened in the above form. Strictly speaking, they should be called the law of 啬, or the principle of simplicity. At the beginning, we used Okham Razor to distinguish the theory that could make similar conclusions. Now we try to choose the theory of different conclusions. This is not the original intention of Okham razor. Do you not need to test these conclusions? Obviously this is not the case, unless we are in the early stages of theory and have not yet prepared for experiments. We just seek a guidance for the development of theory.

    The principle of this principle can be traced back to Aristotle's "the shortest road in nature". Aristotle is not necessary to go too far in believe that experiments and observations are not necessary. The principle of simplicity is an inspirational rule, but some people quote it as if it is a physics axiom. It is not. It uses well in philosophy and particle physics, but it is not particularly good in cosmology and psychology. Mutives in these fields are often more complicated than you think. Perhaps a quoted sentence of Shakespeare is better than quoting Okham razor: "The big of heaven and earth, Heru Xiu, more than you can dream"

    ) The principle of Okham razor is proposed, such as Leibniz's "the same principle of inconspicuous things" and one principle proposed by Newton: if it is true and enough to explain the characteristics of natural things, we should not should not be Accept more reasons than this.

    Okham razors are guided by results and always pursue high -efficiency and simple methods. For more than 600 years, this principle has been widely used in science. Okham razor has become an important scientific thinking concept.

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