3 thoughts on “Is Okham razor principle or law or theory?”

  1. It depends on whether you have high philosophy or scientific cultivation. I am willing to treat it as a philosophical thinking. Although this kind of thinking has been widely used in many scientific disciplines, especially management.
    Is that I have never carried the standard definition of philosophy. The so -called "Okham razor" means that in philosophy means only the key when thinking, ignore or remove the rest of the way, so that the thoughts that are thoughtful are simplified. in principle. The host of the William of the specific allusions can encyclopedly, and I have no sincerity.
    The things about philosophy are more difficult to understand. Let me give it a few examples to explain. For example, this thinking is used in high school physics. A train of a train over the bridge is over. The length of the train cannot be ignored. Studying the turning of the earth, the size of the earth is ignored. Another example is our eyes looking at things. I believe no one can see every bacteria. However, the long history of human natural evolution knows that people's lives do not need to see bacteria. More macro objects can live. The majority of things that can't be seen are "Okham Razor" in nature. It is estimated that the original poster can also understand.

  2. Occams Razor (OCKHAMS RAZOR) is a principle proposed by William of Occam, a 14th -century logicist and San Francis. Ockham (Ockham) in Sarri County, England, that was where he was born.
    The principle of Okham Razor: "Entities should not be".

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