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    What is 360 user points?
    360 User points are you to use the 360 ​​security guards to do tasks. The virtual currency obtained during upgrade. Use points can be exchanged for various shopping coupons, game gift packages and various physical prizes in the safety guard integration mall. At present, the integration function only supports the latest version of the 360 ​​security guards.

    How to get points?
    In 360 Security Guardian Personal Center By doing task upgrades, each level can obtain the corresponding points in accordance with the integral rules. The higher the level, the more points you can get, and the corresponding rules are referred to the following level, experience value and integral relationship table. Example: If your current level is level 5, then
    has a total of points that can be obtained = 50 60 70 100 130 = 410 points.

    The adoption?

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