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  1. 1. Open Pinduoduo, click the below of 2.8 billion cash ------- then click on the upper top withdrawal! 2. Click on cash coins ---- to exchange! 3. Find 5000 gold coins and exchange, click! 4. Click again to consume 5000 gold coins to exchange for random cash rewards!
    Muoduo gold coins must meet three conditions. First, you need to get the opportunity to get withdrawal and place an order to shop;
    The expanded data brand model: Operating mobile phone: vivoy51 system version: Pinduoduo 5.50.2

    Puoduo gold coins can have physical exchange and coupon exchange Exchange according to one of your own needs. As for whether the gold coin exchange products of Pinduori are true, as long as you have enough gold coins, of course, you can redeem the product for free. This event is limited to users who participated in the golden pig earning money. After the user reaches the designated level, it can use gold coins to exchange prizes such as physical, coupons, documents and other prizes. The inventory of prizes, first come first served, while last.
    2, physical prizes exchange
    Thestables set the opening time for each game. If the current exchanges start, the exchanges in the previous game will end by default. The physical prize will be reviewed within one day after redeeming, and the order will be generated after the review is passed. Users can check in the "personal center"-"my order", and each person can only redeem one piece of physical product per day per person.
    3, coupon/item exchange
    The virtual commodities such as coupons and props will be immediately received after redeeming virtual products. Users can view it in the "personal center"-"coupon" and golden pig backpacks. Some coupons have the use threshold and validity period, and they need to be used within the specified scenario and time, and they can only redeem one of the same prizes per person per day.
    Puoduo gold coins are very fake. No one is successfully converted on the Internet. As long as you click the exchange, it will show that the activity will be hot. Generally, different gold coins have entered into different levels of prizes, and different prizes can be exchanged for different prizes. After clicking the redemption, the exchange failed, but the gold coin was not returned. As a result, many users scolded.

  2. It can only be exchanged for no threshold red envelope, and the first withdrawal can reach 10 pieces of withdrawal, and at least 30 can be withdrawn from the second time.

  3. For the first time, it is easy to roll for ten dollars, but you will be difficult to start at the beginning of the second thirty. I suggest you not sign it. You ca n’t make up thirty volumes a year.

  4. Pinduoduo related issues, you can call Pinduoduo customer service call 021-53395288 consultation, service time: 08: 00-21: 30.
    The response time: 2021-03-03, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.
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