1 thought on “What does Dongfeng Yueda Kia VDS mean?”

  1. VDS Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is based on the low cost, high reliability of agents and large enterprises to directly manage its domain names, users, and sites on the basis of the EasyWeb2.0 virtual host management platform. Sexual, powerful, simple and convenient to maintain a virtual independent server management system. The system is between the virtual host and the independent server. Through the system, users can create and manage their sites and users. It is particularly suitable for entry -level virtual host value -added service providers and large and medium -sized enterprises and institutions. There are only a few senior users on the VDS system. They can completely create and manage their own users and sites through the web management interface. Different senior users are also completely isolated and independent. From the perspective of these advanced users, the server is like an independent server that it has. Therefore, it is called a VDS virtual independent server.

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