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  1. The top information is to make this information always on the first page of this layout.
    This top information allows your article to be at the front of all versions. The top information is only forum administrators and administrators to operate. The moderator is not qualified to add the top, but the top can be the forum administrator, administrator, administrator, administrator. Operate with this moderator.
    It different columns have different ways to set up the top of the top of the column, but only the possibilities of the moderators in their own sections are operated. When you reach other versions, you are just an ordinary member and have no power to operate.
    Pucting information:
    The precautions for the top information:
    1. Questions/answers are not allowed/answered for prohibited posts, irrigation posts, garbage posts, and advertising posts.
    2. Questions/answering personal attacks, abuse, and provocative remarks are strictly prohibited.
    3. Questions/Answers on the Internet earning and gambling (such as various types of illegal lottery, six. He. Color, horse race, etc.).
    4. Questions/answering color. Love themes and replys must not be published with sexual descriptions.
    5. Questions/answering the topic related to politics, reply.
    6. Questions/answering unknown links, DAI training, virtual currency transactions, account transactions, sales points, MU horses, etc. may make friends who are deceived.
    7. Do not use insulting words such as "garbage (LJ)" and "SB".
    8. No one private information (mobile phone number, ID number, etc.) is prohibited without the permission of others.
    9. Do not ask questions/Answers contains the prohibited words of the advertising method.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia: Top

  2. 1. The top of the information is an information value -added service. The normal information release is displayed on the website according to the previous order of time (the time of the information release is the closest to now, this information is displayed at the top). It can be displayed according to the number of days you set up at the previous position of the list page, so that more people can see your information and increase the browsing rate.

    2, the top service can be realized within the specified time period, and the information shows that the top positions are always ranked in the top of the top.

    3, different columns have different ways to set the top of the information. For details, you can participate in the top information or consult customer service personnel.

  3. Top (English translation: Sticky Post, or "Stickie"), as the name implies, is placed at the top.

    Due to the moderator, when you have the right to put someone's post on the forum, any post cannot surpass the position of the post that was placed. Replace!
    is a right and an obligation. The right is to say that this is the personal right of the moderator; the obligation means that the moderator must often go to the website forum to browse the post and share it with everyone.
    generally there are top, total top, delete, pull before, lock such functions.
    The top is to let an article always be on the first page of this layout, so that the first thing others see this layout are the top articles.
    The summit is to let the article always be at the front of all versions. The only top is operated by the forum administrator and administrator. The moderator is not qualified to add the general top, but the top can be the forum administrator, administrator and administrator and administrator and administrator and administrator and administrator and This moderator operates.

  4. General information will be arranged in the order of time. The new one will be more advanced
    . If you set the top of a piece of information, then this information will not be restricted by time. If the information, the top is rolled according to the time row

  5. Can "set the top" be used like this? After the group chat, I will never worry about ignoring important information!
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