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  1. KDJ (random indicator)

    . Uses:
    kd is developed on the basis of WMS, so KD has some characteristics of WMS. When reflecting the changes in the price of the stock market, WMS is the fastest, K is the slowest. When using the KD indicator, we often call the K indicator as fast indicator, and the D indicator is the slow indicator. The K indicator response is agile, but it is easy to make mistakes. The D indicator response is slightly slow, but it is stable and reliable.

    . How to use:
    1. From the aspect of the value of KD, above 80 is an over -buy area, less than 20 is the oversold area, the KD exceeds 80 should consider selling, and below 20 should be considered to buy.
    2. Considering the cross of the KD indicator, wearing D on K is a golden fork. In order to buy a signal, the position of the golden fork should be relatively low. It is the position of the oversold area. The lower the better. The number of intercourse is at least, the more the more.
    3. Consider the departure of the KD indicator
    (1) When the KD is at a high position and forms two peaks in turn, at this time, the shares are still rising. Essence
    (2) When the KD is at a low position, it is higher than the bottom, and the stock price continues to fall.
    4. The J indicator is more than 100 and less than 0, which is a non -normal area of ​​the price. It is greater than 100 to over -buy, and the signal of the J value will not appear frequently. Once it appears, the reliability is quite high Essence

  2. Many shareholders and friends understand that stock markets are speculation expectations. Stocks value the performance of listed companies. However, in addition to the basic situation of the company, the company needs to consider the technical side. When talking about the technical side, most people know the MACD indicators, but they do not know the usage of KDJ. For friends who want to be short -term, the importance of KDJ can be imagined. So today, let's take a look at what the KDJ indicator is, and how do we use this technical indicator to improve the fault tolerance rate of our own short -term operation. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . What is KDJ?
    kdj indicators can also be called random indicators, and the elements formed are three curves called K line, D line, and J line. By analyzing the pictures, we can draw it. , D, J, K line refers to the fast confirmation line. The floating range of the K value and D value is 0 ~ 100, and the J value is less than 0 or greater than 100, and the range of fluctuations can be wider. KDJ appeared to judge the trend of the short -term market.

    . What are the practical skills of KDJ?
    1, how much is the parameter set?
    . Generally speaking, (9,3,3) appears at the default parameter of the KDJ indicator system, but under such parameters, KDJ often appears in the daily K -line fluctuations. There is no way to keep up with the reaction.因此关于那些操作超短线的投资者,建议根据自己的需求来选择下面适合的参数:rn(1)参数为(6,3,3):那么,在变动频率随之增高的时候, This is also to quickly find the buying and selling points;
    (2) The parameter is (18,3,3): the sensitivity of the buying and selling signal and the indicator will be stable and maintained; 3,3): It is suitable for those mid -line investors to choose, which can increase the fault tolerance.
    2, how to use KDJ to operate individual stocks?
    In 50 as a dividing line, we can determine the comparison of the two parties at this time based on the relative size of the three values ​​of the KDJ. It is stronger; if these three values ​​float around 50, it represents a multi -short force balance; if these three values ​​are less than 50, this is to say that the aerospace power is still very strong. Different areas are divided into different areas in operation: K, D, and J are divided into oversold areas below 20, which is the buying signal; Sell ​​signals; 20-80 are wandering areas, suitable for watching.
    At the same time, you can also understand the following forms:
    (1) Golden fork and dead fork: If the three values ​​of K, D, and J are less than 50, and the J and K lines are at the same time at the same time When floating and breaking through the D line, it means that KDJ forms a golden fork, which means that the day can be added, but if the three values ​​of K, D, and J are greater than 50, and when the J and K line falls over the D line, it means that it means KDJ forms a dead fork.

    It from the graph we can see the golden fork formed by the yellow circle to KDJ, so it is suitable for buying that day. When it comes to the position of the red circle, KDJ has also changed to obvious death. Fork, then investors need to reduce positions at this time to prevent losses caused by high callbacks.
    (2) Detaling and departure: When the stock maintains an upward trend, but the corresponding KDJ indicator appears as low as one, the form of KDJ's departure is formed. At this time, investing in investment. At this time Those who should reduce their positions and prevent the risk of callback. From the picture below, it can be seen that the general form:

    and if the stock price is in a downward trend, the stock price is constantly innovating low, but the corresponding is corresponding to the corresponding, but the corresponding is the corresponding. When the KDJ indicator is higher than a top, it shows that the form of KDJ bottom departure is formed. :

    In short, the role of the KDJ indicator is only to judge the market. If you want to accurately judge the trend of individual stocks, the trend of the market, the time -oriented policies of the sector are also the criteria for judging the criteria for judgment Essence There is really no time to study a friend of a stock. You may wish to click the link below, enter the stock code you want to know, and conduct in -depth analysis [free] to test your current valuation location?
    . The advantages and disadvantages of the KDJ indicator
    kdj indicators have the characteristics of sensitive stock price changes. You can refer to it for short -term operation. However, because the sensitivity of this indicator is too high, it is sometimes prematurely sent to buy or sell signals, which can easily cause investors to make errors in operation. So how can we find the timing of perfect trading? Is it still useful for pure manpower technology? Try to click on the link below, AI intelligent judgment timing of sale, no hesitation: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture of the sale time

    The data displayed in the link shall prevail, please click to view

  3. The most parameter using KDJ is the default of the system. After adding KDJ to the MT4 platform, the right mouse click to the KDJ's any line to modify the option will be modified there! There is a detailed explanation of the Huiyi Forum! Hope it helps you!

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the best settings of the KDJ indicator parameter are generally selected (6.3.3) parameters, which means that the D value between the three trading days and the J value of the J value of the three trading days. Under the actual situation, the setting of trading software is default 9. What problems does this value cause? The phenomenon of passivation is extremely serious, which is the so -called failure. In ancient books, 9 is the pole, and the parameters suggest changing in this position, but in real trading, the normal two -week trading day is 10 trading days, which leaks one, so the parameter causes passivation phenomenon to form errors, forming errors You can understand it. Instead, if the number of changes to 5 is the market change in the week.nIn our practical operation, according to the length of our operation cycle, we can set different KDJ parameters, which are more obvious like (6.3.3), (18.3.3), (24.3.3). The operation cycles of several levels such as short, medium and long are benchmarking. Therefore, we need to pay attention to these changes in actual operations and make corresponding settings and changes.

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