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  1. You can trade freely.
    Players can trade in idle fish, trading cats or mobile games. There are account trading services such as accounts and accounts, account number sales, buying number, and selling number.
    The trading cat is a mobile game trading platform. Players can trade game coins, props and account numbers. After the official launch operation on July 6, 2013, it mainly provides game coins, equipment, account numbers and other game trading services for popular mobile online games. The transaction content can cover mainstream mobile phone operating systems such as domestic iOS, Android, and UC, 360 and 91 and other games. Channel login account.
    Tao mobile game () Established in October 2013, it is a mobile game trading platform that provides high -tech enterprises with online game e -commerce services. It is China's leading large -scale professional online game and digital products online with standardized operations Trading e -commerce platform.
    "Light Encounter" is a social adventure game developed by the game producer Chen Xinghan and his team. It is operated by Netease Games in China. The work was released on the App Store on June 21, 2019, officially launched on the Android platform on July 9, 2020, and landed on Switch in June 2021.
    In the game, the player will be transformed into a "descendant of light", carrying the will of the ancestors, joining hands with his friends, on the wonderful continent of the Sky Kingdom, starting an adventure full of adventure.

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