1 thought on “How much does the volcanic level 56 brush?”

  1. The volcanic level 56 brushed about RMB more than 50,000 yuan
    Gift ratio 10-1, 10 diamonds = 10 firepower = 1 yuan. Common gifts are roses, sports cars, volcanic party, etc. There are also raffle gifts that can be seen in the lower corner of the live broadcast room. The lottery is like gambling. As soon as the lottery is entered, it may be like a lottery. It is possible that the elder brother can brush you more because of the lottery, and it may also be drawn by the draw. Double -edged sword.
    volcanic level consumption
    The current volcanic level sets 1-52 levels, and the consumption amount ranges from 0 yuan to 40 million. Specifically, you can see the consumption amount at the avatar of the user at the live broadcast room. The level and consumption amount corresponds to the following numbers divide by 10 is the amount.
    APP is definitely recharged by everyone, but one thing that Apple mobile phone is very disgusting is that 30%of the tax will be deducted. So many live broadcast platforms will find that Android can buy 10 diamonds a dollar, but Apple mobile phones can only buy 7 diamonds. This must be mastered, because the recharge is not right, the loss is not only the money of the fan, but also the money in your hand.
    The volcanic bypassed Apple pays recharge. Alipay or WeChat search volcanic videos to find the corresponding public account or applet input account recharge.

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