Can the world's out -of -print Jianci NGC be appreciated in the future?

Can the world's out -of -print Jianci NGC be appreciated in the future?

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  1. [Issuing Background]
    The conjoined banknotes are rare varieties in the issuance of coins. They have repeatedly added under the value iron law of "rare and expensive". Treasure. "The World Out -of -Piclated Jindi NGC King" has all the full twelve sets of chain banknote issued by ten countries. It is unprecedented, and the "money" is infinite. Favorites style!

    The collection of collections:

    "World Expressive Jinding Banknotes" One -time includes ten countries twelve versions of the same number of conjunctiva:

    1. The world's first currency conjoined banknotes -USD conjoined banknote

    is known as the US dollar. As the name suggests, it is the world's universal currency like gold! Based on the strong national strength of the US dollar, it is not allowed to become the most powerful currency in the world. The US dollar's four -linked body has achieved the wealth myth of the city with its honorable identity and extremely low circulation.

    2. The most mysterious country is issued -North Korea's four -link

    D North Korea's banknote money is a commemorative banknotes specially issued by North Korea to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the Communist Communist Kim Richeng. , With strong political color. North Korea, the most mysterious country in the world, is still in a state of "retreating country", emphasizing class struggle, which is equivalent to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It is foreseeable that as North Korea continues to develop, the current Korean currency will be like the Cultural Revolution. The price is soaring!

    3. The pattern that fades forever -former Iraqi President Saddam Chain Monk

    With the end of the US military strike against Iraq, the end of Iraq His legendary life. Correspondingly, the Iraqi currency with the avatar of Saddam has become a peerless currency that will never be regenerated. When future generations have a history, these conjoined banknotes will become the best souvenirs.

    4. Beautiful bird version of banknotes -Canada 2 Canadian Four Links

    This beautiful conjoined banknotes come from Canada, the country of Maple Leaf, and portrayed Emperor Elisa on the front. Queen Bai, the back is wonderful, but the low -painted is that the America knows more birds. With the issuance of Canada's suspension of US $ 2 Canadian dollar currency, this conjoined banknote will become a model of aesthetic and honorable combination.

    5. The front version of the vertical version of Heng -Sri Lanka 100 rupee four -link

    Sri Lanka 100 rupee four -link printing technology is exquisite, vividly expressed local customs, and even made It is amazing that it is erected in the previous version, and the latter version is listed. This is the unique initiative in the history of the world's banknote printing! Such a full -scale one -piece banknote has a scarce distribution, and its value is self -evident.

    6. Barcode anti -counterfeiting -Lebanon 1,000 pounds four -link

    Lebanese Feng Snowsso as the national tree, and the oldest and most representative one as the legal The original type of currency pattern. What is even more original is that Lebanon's official chooses to use barcodes as one of the anti -counterfeiting technologies of this banknote, making it the only banknote in the world to use barcodes to anti -counterfeiting.

    7. After the Red Empire is destroyed -2 ​​Grevenian six -linked body
    n since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has become an independent country. For many people, this is a mysterious country. This set of Liulian banknotes uses the Ukrainian legendary Emperor Yarooslav I as a pattern to commemorate its historical achievements that push Ukraine into the prosperous national strength.

    8. Inlander country in Central Asia -Gygisan 20 Soman Three Links

    This conjoined banknote is Kyrgyzstan's first one -time one -sized banknote, so it has extremely High commemorative significance is similar to the founding banknotes of our country. "Hidden head does not hide the tail", when this set of consecutive banknote is issued, it will be the best opportunity to collect it!

    9. Eastern European small country currency -Lithuania 1 Tella Erian body

    although Lithuania country is small, it has the superb level of banknotes. Lithuania 1 Tella connects was jointly printed by a number of banknote printed companies in the country. It was exquisite in craftsmanship and high quality.

    "The World Overlee Cold Banking King" Ten countries Twelve editions of the same number of conjoined banknotes

    Content: 10 countries 12 major versions of the same number of conjoined banknotes r

    The circulation: 1000 sets

    This price: 13800
    of course, the China Tibetan alliance may have discounts, but only for members, most people can't get it! Intersection浘 Fear of 鍦 鍦 鍦
    The data from Baidu Map, the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  2. The appreciation space is not large, all of which are ordinary currencies, and some currencies that stop circulation are not valuable.

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