4 thoughts on “Where is the coin with French Pharaoh on the front?”

  1. It is Egypt.
    The main currency unit used by Egypt is the Egyptian pound, Arabic writing جنيه جنيه, the Chinese "Egyptian pound" is translated from the English name Egyptian Pound. The ISO 4217 code is EGP, which means Egyptian Pound. The symbol is e ج or م.م. Local deflation as LE or L.E., the first letters from its French name Livreégyptienne. The auxiliary currency unit is Piast (Arabic single: قرش, plural: قروش) and text (Arabic: مليم; French: Millime).
    Figure 1 below: The front of the 1 pound coin issued by Egypt in 2007, the pattern is the mask of the Egyptian Eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhammun (reigned 1332-323 BC); Figure 2: In 2007, Egypt issued a 50 -Pip Aste coin in 2007. The pattern was the Egyptian Ptolemy Queen Cleopatra VII (κλεοπάτρα φιια ωρ, in the first 51 BC to reigned).

  2. This is the 5 Pieaste coin issued by Egypt. Egypt's currency units are "Egyptian pounds" and the auxiliary currency is "Piast". 100 Piast = 1 Egyptian pound. The material of the coin is copper. Egyptian currency is not free to exchange currencies and cannot be exchanged in domestic banks. There is no exchange rate in the Egyptian pound and the RMB, which must be converted through the exchange rate of the US dollar and the Egyptian pound. 5 Pipiast is also about 4 points of RMB 0.05. However, there is a collection value, which is currently worth about 6 yuan in the postal trading market.
    This is Egypt ’s 1995 edition of 50 Petaster banknotes (100 Pitiast = 1 Egyptian pound). The front of the banknotes is Egypt’ s Avilon Mosque, and the back is the sculpture of Egypt ’s Latinus II. There is no exchange rate in the Egyptian pound and the RMB. It is necessary to convert through the US dollars. The 1st Egyptian pound is about 1.6 yuan, and the 50 Pit Aster is equivalent to 0.8 yuan. Egyptian currency's domestic banks cannot be exchanged. However, there is a collection value, and the new one is worth about 4 yuan in the postal trading market.

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