What are the stocks with a large increase in bull market (05-107)?

Each stock has its own equity, and the performance behind the stocks with very active stocks will be very good. So I want to check which stocks have increased the greatest. For example, China Aluminum, CITIC Securities (this time it was not well performed), Chihong Zinc 锗, etc.

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  1. Last bull market (05-107), the stocks with a large increase in 600150 China Ship, 600859 Wangfujing, 600739 Liaoning Chengda, 600497 Chi Hongstezon, 000568 Luzhou Laojiao, 600109 Guojin Securities, 000718 Suning Global, 600550 days, 600550 days Weibachang, 600331 Hongda shares, 002024 Suning Electric, 000623 Jilin Aodong, 600517 Capital Electric, 600456 Baoli, 000887 Zhongding Co., Ltd. , 600519 Guizhou Moutai, 600685 Guangbail International, 000527 Meto Electric
    bull market, also known as the multi -headed market, refers to a market with higher prices in the securities market. The opposite is a bear market (short market). The securities market here refers to common stocks, bonds, futures, options, foreign exchange, transferable fixed deposit orders, derivative financial products and other securities.
    The reason for the multi -headed market or bull market is because the market is hot when the price is rising. Investors and securities brokers are crowded in a small stock exchange, all of which Generally spectacular, it is nicknamed a bull market. Cow is a symbol of wealth and power in Western culture, which originated from ancient Egypt.

  2. There are many, the following is the first 21.

    2005-01-01 to 2007-12-31 Shenzhen-Shanghai A shares rise and fall
    Code name rise and fall
    600150 Chinese ships 4884.437%
    600859 Wangfujing 3685.417% rn600739 辽宁成大3464.841%rn600497 驰宏锌锗3206.005%rn000568 泸州老窖2975.041%rn600109 国金证券2816.625%rn000718 苏宁环球2759.223%rn600550 天Weibao changed 2731.384%
    600331 Hongda 2671.890%
    002024 Suning Electric 2621.475%
    000623 Ao Dong 2512.698%
    600517 believes n000887 Zhong Ding shares 2223.372%
    600489 Gold Gold 2175.520%
    000878 Yunnan copper industry 2129.050%
    600030 CITIC Securities 2053.583%
    600519 Guizhou
    600685 Guangbo International 1918.645%
    000527 US electrical appliances 1893.701%

  3. The increase in stocks in the color sector is the largest.
    In the stock market, we are used to the continuous rise of stocks.
    The bull market is also called multi -market, referring to the market market, which is generally bullish and can last for a longer period of time.
    The short market refers to a bear market. Its market is generally diluted and has been falling.
    The concept of the cow and bear market has been roughly aware of it. Many people may be thinking, now in a bear market or a bull market?
    This link below, immediately tell you the answer: Exclusive investment calendar in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities, master the latest first -hand information
    1. How can you do it to distinguish between a bear market or a bull market?
    It to identify whether the current market is a bear market or a bull market. It can be analyzed from two perspectives. Generally, it is the foundation and technical surface.
    First of all, we can see the market conditions from the fundamentals. The fundamentals are to see the macroeconomic operation trend and the operation of listed companies. Information broadcasting
    Secondly, from the technical side, the indicators of volume and price relationships, quantitative ratios, and the comparison between the ratio, the K -line combination, etc., can give us a good reference value to observe the relevant market conditions.
    For example, if it is currently a bull market and more people buy more than selling, the rising trend of the K -line chart of most stocks will be very obvious. Conversely, if it is currently a bear market, there are far more people who sell stocks than those who buy stocks, then the decline of the K insurance map of many stocks will become very obvious.

    . How to judge the turning point of the bulls and bears?
    If the bull market is about to end, the market will be at a high probability at this time, and it will be overwhelmed by buying. When the bear market is about to end quite tough.
    Therefore, as long as we can catch the turning point of the bear cattle, buy it at the low position, and sell it at high level, so as to earn the difference! I want to know where there are many ways to turn the turn of the Bull and Bear. It is recommended to use the following turning point to capture the artifact. One-click to get the time to buy and sell: [AI auxiliary decision-making] Capture of the sale and sale

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