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  1. The specified options time is Wednesday on the fourth week of each month.
    In on this day, you can choose to do your right or have no right to do. Well, then you must have doubts, can you only choose to practice or have no rights on this day? There are no other operations?
    No, you can choose to close the position before this day. There is no option to close the position due, and on this day, you cannot close the position.
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  2. Options of options: According to the different time of the option contract, it can be divided into American options, European options and other options. American options refer to option contracts that can do the options between option purchase and date of expiration. European -style options refer to option contracts that can only be traded on date. Other periods of rights refer to the time of the right to travel different from the options of American options and European options, such as Bermuda's options.

    . American options
    are American Option. That is to say, options holders can choose to execute or not execute options contracts before 9:30 am from New York time before the options. American options allow options holders to perform the right to purchase or sell (if they look at the options) or sell (if they are looking at the options) assets on the date of date or due.

    . European options
    European options refers to the options that must be exercised on the day of options from options to date. European -style foreign exchange options are an important financial innovation tool in the field of foreign exchange. Its value dependence on the exchange rate can be divided into bullish and littering options. Its definition means that at a specific time (expiration date) in the future, the holder of the options has the right to purchase/sell the agreed amount of currency from the option seller at the agreed exchange rate (check the pricing) in advance, and pay to buy it. The power of power of the item.

    . Other options
    For example, Bermuda Opate, Bermuda's options are an option that can do a series of time of time before maturity. Between European -style options and American options, Bermuda's options allow the holder to perform options in a specific date within the validity period of the options. For example, options can have a period of 3 years, but it can only be executed in the last month of each year in 3 years. Its application is often related to the fixed income market.

  3. When investors buy options, there is an agreement in the option contract during the purchase of options. The time of commodity options, stock options, and stock index options are different. The fourth Wednesday of the 50ETF options is the date of date, the last trading day, and the exercise date. If that day is a holiday or a suspension day, it will be postponed to the next trading day.
    This time specified by the above diploma to apply for the right to apply for the right to apply for the contract is 9: 15-9: 25, 9: 30-11: 30 in the morning, 13: 00-15: 30 pm.
    The travel time is: T -day rights; T 1 -day funds and securities settlement; T 2 -day target securities can be sold. At the same time, the insufficient part of the contract target that investors should deliver in the exercise of the rights of exercise shall be settled at 110%of the closing price of the contract on the day of the contract.

  4. Options are divided into European options and American options. The exit of American options is the period when the options are listed to the expiration period. European options are different. Taking the financial options and commodity options in my country to introduce European options to introduce European options in China.
    1. Financial options: The exercise date of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF options and the CSI 300ETF options is the fourth week of the option month on Wednesday (holiday delay).
    This 300 stock index options on Wednesday (holidays are postponed) on the third week of the month.
    2, commodity options: Generally, the fifth trading day of the first month before the mounting month of the target futures contract.

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