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  1. 1. "The mentality is not good, the more knowledge is, the more reactionary; the mind is different, the attention is different";

    2. "The behavior of the successful person is the pervert in the eyes of ordinary people. The secret of making money- "Pervert";

    3. "Human connections are money, the relationship is strength, and friends are the greatest productivity";

    4. From today, I swear, I will go again I don't want to make money anymore, I want to make money ";

    5." The same flow can communicate, the exchange can only be interested, and the heart can be traded. " If your life is not good, go with those who are good, and your life will be improved. "

    7." Customers not only care about who you are, he cares more about you can give you give it to give you give it to give it What benefits he brings ";

    8." 5 basic elements of communication: nod, smile, listen, response, take notes ";

    9," communication with communication Three elements: text information, sound information, limb movements. Text conveys information, sound conveyes sensation, limb communication attitude. "

    10. "

    11." The question is the answer, everything is not a problem, just do what you say ";
    12." If you are willing to be willing , I am willing to spend my time to assist you ";

    13." The customer does not refuse the product, he does not refuse the service, he only refuses mediocrity ";

    14. "Let's start with family and friends";

    15. "If you are right, the world is right";

    16. It will affect the behavior of that person ";

    17." Praise others will let others continue the right thing "; Power * action power * expression power ";

    19." Communication 5 heart: joy, tolerance, empathy, praise, love "

    20," When expressing different opinions, please keep the opponent's position. Everyone is just standing and different views. "

    21." Agree with others is easier to affirm yourself ";
    n 22 , "Three elements of communication control: environment, atmosphere, emotion";

    23, "Entering the channels of different types of people, you need to grasp 6 synchronization, namely: emotional synchronization, synchronization of tone tuning speed, synchronization of tone tuning, synchronization, Synchronous expressions of limb movements, synchronization of language and words, synchronization of values ​​and values, synchronization of beliefs ";

    24." Refusion is an inertia. When customers reject us, our work has just begun ";

    25. "Sales are not selling, but helping each other to buy";

    6. The process of asking questions:

    1) Ask the simple inertial question;

    ) Ask the other party's non -resistance point;

    ) Ask the question of the other party;
    n 4) Let the other party say yes;

    5) Let the other party say yes continuously;

    ) n 7) Ask the other party's answers in the expected question ";

    8) Open question;

    ) The problem of closed type;

    10) Let the other party's two -choice closed problem

    1. The normal state of the successful person is the pervert of the loser.

    2. Knowledge is that power is wrong, and knowledge is power.

    3. Education is not equal to training. Education changes concepts, and training can change behavior.

    4. There is no money to make a fortune. Because there is no crazy, some people say that you are crazy, you are not far from success.

    5. Establish the initiative to communicate with others. Seeing people is moving, it is like seeing money.

    6. Active approach to potential customers, persuading and inducing them to accept your product, which is to sell.

    7. Sales are the best lifestyle.

    8. Customers are always right. This sentence is not necessarily right. Customers need help and education.

    9. Communication is not only language and text communication, but eyes and posture are important.

    10. Human behavior is affected by two factors: escape pain and approach happiness.

    11. Rejecting others is an inertia. When it is rejected by others, work starts.

    12. Sales are not selling things, but to help customers buy things.

    13. Customers do not refuse your products and services, only reject your mediocrity.

    14. Only when the same flow can be contained. What kind of thing to do is to find a way to mix with what kind of person.

    15. Human connections are equal to God's pulse, relationship is strength, and friends are the greatest productive forces.

    16. It is not too picky about friends. Although the Qingquan is high, it cannot be raised, and the tolerance can be bigger.

    17. Communicate master and can deal with people from various colors.

    18. Don't underestimate everyone around you. You can see the president five times.

    19. It makes sense to be as effective as effective and efficient.

    20. The voice of the speech is related to mind, and the mind is related to the fate of wealth.

    21. It does not require more knowledge, but a better state.

    22. What is the most indispensable in the world? Bill Gates' answer: respecting parents.

    23. Most of the people who are a big thing are masters of speeches.

    24. Life orientation is high, and the pattern is not high.

    25. The life experience must be deep.

    26. The ability of life must be strong, energy is right.

    27. There are three treasures in the sky, the sun and the moon, the three treasures, the water and fire wind, the three treasures, the spirit. Good leaders must be full, qi and prosperous.

    28. Praise will make people do the right thing and stop incorrect things.

    29. The teacher does not have to be a disciple, the disciples need not be as good as the teacher.

    It big wisdom quotations: Zhai Hongzhang's famous master of Chinese application master Peking University lecture

    . The effect of your speech depends entirely on the response that the other party gives you

    . The unsuccessful of a person comes from too few friends and poor quality

    . As long as the soul is still there, the organization of an enterprise will be in

    4 4 . There is no education in the culture

    5. The leaders are not accomplished, not only lacking, but also lack of virtue. Does the recruited people follow you with a future?

    6. The value of a leader is to cultivate people who follow him into leaders

    7. Those who feel like they are Buddhas. The Buddha is to become a Buddha, and the Buddha is enlightened

    8. When a person has the wisdom of being born and then goes into the WTO, there will be more effort. n 9. The biggest limitations of each person are the transformation relationship of time and space

    10. Fix itself, virtue is true n
    11. The so -called busy ————— - Actually, the fleeing of the soul

    12. Use the time of life to do the wonderful

    13. I also want to confuse it, but helpless me Eyes that have been opened

    14. You have a hatred with hatred. Don't blink your eyes: First, don't blink your eyes for your parents, because the heavy raising grace cannot be interpreted by more money; Anyone among them may fly Huang Tengda; the third is that do not blink of the eyes of learning, because refusal learning is equivalent to refusing to grow and promotion

    16. You can understand that others can only be clever. , To be able to see yourself as a wise man

    17. Only marketing will generate profits. Others are costs

    18. Iron battalion, running soldiers ———————— Putting the soul of the Bingbing

    19. As a leader, we must be full of refinement, ingenuity, and prosperity. The person who applauds applauding and applauding is the beginning of dementia

    21. After you reach the other side, do you have to carry a heavy boat?

    22. A one Human wisdom and conscience are higher than all

    23. A person who has no self -confidence can only become traitors even if they are excellent
    24. One person is often too much because It is difficult to exceed the excellent

    25. The appearance of the appearance, Si Yuan is slow; R n 26. There will be a marketing staff without the rejection of customers. The deficiencies on others are often the value you exist. R n
    28. Change your bad language inertia may change your destiny

    29. The most taboo of communication is the dead face

    30. The connection is the wealth, the relationship is the strength, the friend is productivity

    31. The most indispensable thing in the world is to respect their parents. Mixing, keeping with the times

    33. Thinking power is the source of Wanli

    34. The stupidest person is to complete the things that do not need to do at all.

    35. There is a virtuous pitch, the capable of helping the lined side of the king

    36. The man of the employment, there is no use in the world; ; If you need the person, you must be short

    37. Learn to let go to understand how to bear it. People’s troubles and pains are often because they can't let go, can't think of it, and can't forget

    38. The strong will allow the behavior to control the emotions, so that the weak will let the emotional control behavior

    39. Communication is the transmission of information, the transfer of emotions, the interaction of the feeling

    40. The most practical team culture is the culture of people. The highest team culture is spiritual culture

    41. Brave can only kill the enemy at most, know how to hide it, and to save yourself

    42. Interpersonal communication needs to focus on the result rather than emotional

    43. Once a person is afraid of you, he is scolding you, hate you not far
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n 44. Good warrior is not angry

    45. Don't put pearls and agate in front of pigs, otherwise they will bite you in turn because you do not feed them pig food
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n 46. How to make your destiny better — the answer is to find a good person and then make friends with him

    47. Leaders must be good at breaking the ice in communication, and never do it. The source of the atmosphere

    48. The gentleman is different, and the villain does not fit

    49. If a person wants to succeed, he must have three good mentality —————— With joy, tolerance, altruistic heart

    50. Huai is like pregnancy. After a long time, it will be seen in the morning and evening. n
    51. Good people ———— Just have no time to do bad things

    52. People who wait and wait may have the wisdom of the top n 53. If the habit is not changed, the result will not change

    54. If you do not test the source flow, you will not be able to pass the identification of ancient and modern; n
    55. What you care about, what you will pay attention to; what you pay attention to, what you will get, attention is equal to facts

    56. The goal determines what you get when you achieve your goal. The process determines what kind of person you become when you reach the goal. The process is more important than the goal. Results

    57. Knowledge is not equal to wisdom. Knowledge is equivalent to food, thinking ability is digestive function, wisdom is nutrition
    n 58. Things are objective, but the view is subjective as subjective It is not meaningful in itself. What is meaningful is how to view things

    59. There is no perfect thing, only the angle of things is perfect

    60. Multi -angle of angle Methods -Affordable perspective and negation perspective, self -perspective and non -my perspective, perspective from the past, perspective of the past, seeking the same perspective and seeking different perspectives, the perspective and local perspective
    n 1. There is yes Academic qualifications are not equal to culture;

    because of education, education department management,

    culture, the management of the Ministry of Culture,

    A department!

    2. The "Pan Ming" of Tang: Gouri Xin, New, and New.

    3. The method of learning the country:

    The modernization of ancient wisdom,

    Smart globalization of Chinese and Western!

    4. The legal person is the person in the court! rn rn 5.知识,是学来的,rn rn 能力,是练出来的,rn rn 能量,是修出来的,r n
    Wisdom is realized!

    6. Human law, earth law, heaven, heaven and law, Taoism is natural!

    7. Here is busy!

    8. Leaders, do not learn, do not improve, do not grow, do not strengthen their cultivation, not only lacking care, lack of virtue, lack of brain virtue!

    9. Leadership leaders are leaders and mentors!

    10. The road of college is in Mingming, in the new people, at the best!

    11. Your wealth is related to the average value of your best friends. Your friend -the average value of friends who drink tea every day, even if you drink tea and drink!

    . 120,000 -foot red dust three glasses of wine, a pot of tea for Qianqiu!

    13. The two goals of learning Chinese studies are: learning Taoism, understanding wisdom, and returning to the cause of morality; hand in to friends, integrate resources, and have relatives everywhere in the motherland!

    14. The word "friends" of friends, Oracle is a line of copper coins on one line!

    15. Business is human!

    16. It is only one purpose to make money and make money, that is, flowers! Save money, or for the sake of spending, what else do you save? Late flowers, might as well take out early flowers!

    17. There is less money, which is your own; more, it is everyone; even more, sooner or later is the country; in the end, it must be the people; so it is called RMB!

    18. A person, rich is not rich, not how much you save, but how much you use!

    19. The money spent is your own money; without spending money, I do n’t know who it is; the most stupid person is to make money. The bank is to spend these money that will not spend money to spend money!

    20. Human connections are equal to money; relationship is strength; friends are the greatest productive forces!

    21. My career, my wealth, my future, and the future of an enterprise depends on how many people have relationships, who have relationships with anyone, and the degree of relationships!

    22. Cai scattered people, wealth gathering!

    23. Use my love to warm the coldness of every inch of soil; replace each strange face with a loved one!

    24. Making yourself happily is a virtue; making others happy is a kind of merit; interpersonal communication, the most taboo is a dead face.

    25. Smoke articles, drink poetry.

    26. Good people, just have no time to do bad things. Spend more time to ask yourself, spend less time to blame others;

    mo spend more time to grow yourself, less time to jealous of others; spend more time to love, no time to hate.

    27. Brothers within the four seas.

    28. Seeking merit, requesting hundreds of years of work; seeking profit, requesting Qianqiu Li; seeking names, requesting Wan Dai name!

    29. The purpose of mastery lies in application; 30. The most applicable corporate culture and the most applicable team culture are the culture of life;

    31. Parents are great; gentlemen are large, and they are small;

    32. Gentlemen remember no revenge, villains remember no gratitude; 33. Paying tuition is a very important part of learning; where is money where money is; Where is the heart, where is the person, where is the harvest;

    34. Good virtues are good.

    35. The speed of applause will affect his speed of making money;

    36. If a narrow -minded person can't tell the big pattern, a person who has no mission is said. If you do n’t have a responsibility;

    37. Forever, do not be polluting atmosphere and emotion; Love the public, and those who have the power to do it, then learn the text;

    39. Children want to be filial, dear, tree wants to be quiet, the wind is not stopped, the filial piety can be cured, and the filial piety can be cured Enterprise, big filial piety can govern the country;

    40. The way of filial piety, the human beings, the gentleman's business, the original Taoism;
    41. A team with a bad mentality, The personal IQ is very high, and the organizational IQ is not necessarily high;

    42. If a person's mental model is not good, the more knowledge may be more reactionary, if a person's mentality is not good, smart will be clever Error;

    43. People must learn to be perverted: of course, change the mentality, attitude, and state.

    44. Life disorders are "unsatisfactory goals";

    45. The greatest power in the world is the power of change;

    46. Changing, only the avenue is eternal, no ancient and modern, no life and death, Taiji first, under the six poles;

    47. What is the team, just see these two words, you know, there is any The person who speaks to a group of people speaks to a group of people is the team;

    48. The portrait of the heart is the portal of the heart; 49. communication is emotional transfer, information interaction. There is no right or wrong in communication, only the position;

    50. Talents may not have eloquence, but those who have talents must be talents;
    51. Who will speak in the United States who speaks in the United States , Who is good, who is the president;

    52. communication is layered;

    53. Understanding others is smart, understanding yourself is wisdom;

    54. Agree with others, it is easier to affirm yourself;

    55. A person with a low realm cannot speak high;

    56. A small pattern is small People, if you ca n’t say the atmosphere;

    57. Pollutors who never do emotional and environmental;

    58. A dark heart cannot support a brilliant piece Face;

    59. Mao Zedong said that the more enemy opposition, the more we have to support, the more the enemy supports us;

    60. A person's life orientation To be high, life energy is strong. Energy is rights;

    61. Information language convey information, sound language conveying sensation, body language conveying attitude;
    62. Mao Zedong said that without learning for three days, you can't keep up with Comrade Liu Shaoqi without learning. It's right. And he believes that the purpose of proficiency is "all in the application"; 63. Putting it can be taken down;

    64. The people who are aware of are Buddhas R n
    66. Those who do not prepare are those who are preparing to fail;

    67. Leadership is the ability of the follower;

    68. The grandson said, "The Taoist, the people of the people are agreed with the upper, so they can die with it, but they can live with it without fear."

    69. If the people are not heavy, the people's music is pushed without tire. "

    70. Relying on good personal quality alone cannot become leaders. These quality must be combined with the ability to communicate with people. Function;

    71. Gold is valuable, but the value is after people know gold;

    72. The process of communication is by no means a process that conveys its own concepts and opinions Instead, the process of communication between the souls of both sides and recognition of each other; 73. Any art requires a spirit of forgetfulness, as is the art of leadership; Power influence;

    75. The factors of non -power influence are as follows: 1. Character factors 2. In order to be possible 3. Intellectual factors 4. Emotional factors;

    76. The motivation for strengthening active action can make us from passive to active;

    77. Obstacles are the condition of success;
    n 78. Good is better. Enemies;

    79. Light dressing: In order to achieve the goal, you often need to go all out. Even small items such as a book may become a serious obstacle;

    80. Do not lose due to small losses: the crash accident of the giant no -jet passenger aircraft of Oriental Airlines;
    n n n n n n R n 81. Principles of dealing with problems: 1. Do not underestimate the problems. Some problems cannot be solved. It is not because it is difficult, but it is not enough to get enough attention. "The embankment of thousands of miles is burst into the ant hole";

    82. Don't exaggerate the problem: your first response to the problem is often inaccurate, exaggerating the seriousness of the problem;

    83. Don't blame: Angry will only make the problem worse;

    84. Keep your head calm: My distress comes from the problem itself, or from the mood?

    85. The motivation for strengthening active action;

    86. Investment throughout the heart: The door of success is only open for the dedication and go all out;

    87. Seeking help: Everyone needs the wisdom, suggestions and assistance of others, and don't refuse friendly help for inexplicable self -esteem; It is a harmful mental pollution. Sentences of negative thoughts that don't care: Xiaotian thanked heaven thanks, and finally blew the weekend! Barely, you have to live! Never! I am tired of these! This incident is over! I have already done my best!

    89. There is a essential difference between everything to do hardships;

    90. As a leader, I am afraid that I ca n’t find a problem. When there is a problem, it is not considered a problem, and the mistake is that you know that there are problems and do not support it in time;

    91. The ability of leaders to solve the problem is the best manifestation of the leader's action. ; 92. Mao Zedong said: Two things that leaders often do are "making ideas, using cadres."

    93. What to decide to do, let go to do; decide not to do anything, don't touch it;

    94. Andy `Gramidi said:" When you do something, it is not a job, it is a way to live. . "

    95. Ignoring irrelevant things, trivial and secular things consume too much time, ignore those things that are unrelated, and will not miss those really important things;

    96. Those who can defeat themselves are the real strong. Only by becoming a real strong can we lead a strong team;

    97. How strong is the self -control and how strong the strength is;
    98. Successful people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do;

    99. There is a distance between the opportunity to come and seize the opportunity. Only to catch it, otherwise, the opportunity may not return to hesitation and waiting;

    100. The talents who can defeat themselves are the real strong. In order to lead a strong team;

    101. As a real leader, he should be able to effectively control his emotions and behaviors; 102. Educator Makarianke said: "Great will not only Good at looking forward to and getting something, and also good at force yourself to refuse something when necessary. Without a brake, it is impossible to have machines. Without suppression, it is impossible to have any will;

    103. Human personality,;

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