5 thoughts on “Teachers in the stock market: What does boots mean?”

  1. Boots to the ground, that is, put in the stock market, describing the meaning of negative, the means of regulation, and the strength of the stock market can rise at ease. Rating or real estate tax pilot levies are "boots landing."
    The cause: The property market is not regulated, the effect of the stock market fund pool cannot be played, and there will be many problems in the property market that will not be regulated, such as construction quality problems, weak infrastructure problems, land waste issues, and economic bubbles.
    Extension information
    The stock of the stock market:
    1, empty: refers to the stimulation of strong profits or empty messages, and the stock price began to beat greatly. Heting usually appears or before the start or end of the stock price.
    2, return files: refers to the phenomenon of temporarily fell due to the rising speed of the stock price.
    3, rebound: In the falling market, the stock price sometimes was temporarily recovered by the buyer's support because the decline rate was too fast. The rebound rate is less than the decline, and the decline trend is resumed after the rebound.
    4, the number of transactions: refers to the number of various stock transactions on the day.
    5, turnover: refers to the total price of each stock transaction that day.
    6, finally shouting the price: refers to the price that the buyer wants to buy after closing the day.

  2. "Boots landed" --- Have you ever heard of Ma Sanli's cross talk? It is said that an old man always hear the sound of people upstairs taking off the boots and throwing on the ground to sleep at ease. The means of means, the stock market can rise at ease after the strength is clear.

  3. To put it simply, there is the expectation of government regulation. The news that is not conducive to the stock market has not been officially introduced. Everyone is waiting for clear

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