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  1. Hello, the so -called boots landed in the stock market to describe the meaning of the air. Only when the regulation is made, the stock market can rise at ease after the strength is clear. Rating or real estate tax pilot levies are "boots landing."
    The expansion information:
    1. When the stocks buy stocks are the most suitable. Before the opening, the main force made a comprehensive judgment on the general trend after studying the latest international and domestic economic information and the operation of the stock market. Plan for the individual stocks you want to operate. If you are optimistic about the general trend, you can accelerate the rise with the help of external forces. If you are optimistic, you will accelerate the pressure. If you are flat, you will take a break and let the stock price fluctuate by yourself. In this way, the opening price is high, low, and flat. There is a division of magnification, contraction, and balance.
    2. Under normal circumstances, the opening price of the stock that is prepared to rise is higher than the closing price of the previous trading day, and the proportion of transaction volume is amplified. If you have good news to meet the stocks of these two conditions, you can buy it from 9: 25-9: 30. The rising stocks generally rose rapidly after opening, and then shocked at a high level. The essence of this phenomenon is that after the main force quickly raises the stock price, allows followers to buy at a high level, and increase the cost of followers, which is conducive to the main force to reduce the resistance. The biggest benefit of buying after 15 minutes is that you can enjoy the happiness of the profit of the day.
    3, 15 minutes before closing, after nearly 4 hours of long and short confrontation, the price should rise and fall. How to end the scene represents the main force's view of the next day. If the main force is optimistic about the next day, the end of the end will rise or even rises to continue to raise the cost of the heel. The purpose is to control the price at a high level and sell goods at a higher price. How to distinguish between these two purposes need to be determined by daily K -line analysis.
    4, the best sell time: 15 minutes after opening and 15 minutes after 10:30. The main forces of stocks are generally planned, planned, and gradual. For continuous rising stocks, if the first transaction volume appears abnormally at the opening of the market, it indicates that the main force will be reduced. In this way, the time -sharing chart technology must be used to sell decisively within 15 minutes after the opening. If we miss this opportunity, the stock price will be higher than. It's too late to regret it!
    5, 10: 30 is the time to announce the opening. Some stocks are favorable news, which has also driven stocks in the same industry to follow the trend. However, the subsequent rising is generally intermittent, and the probability of ups and downs is very high. The market generally has a high point around 11:00. At 10:45, it is usually a chance to sell at high prices, but it cannot be bought. At this time, most of the major shareholders who buy stocks may be repaid by the afternoon closing

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