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  1. 1. BNX currency English name is binaryx, the highest price is $ 266.98, and it appeared on November 4, 2021. The lowest price of history was US $ 3.0092. It appeared on July 14, 2021. At present These include large trading platforms such as Binance, matcha and sesame door opening.
    2 and BNX coins are not scams. BNX coins belong to tokens, or Cyber ​​Dragon's governance tokens. Holding BNX tokens can participate in community governance and voting. At the same time, the BNX tokens can also obtain regular airdrops of gold coins. In some key operations of the game, you also need to consume BNX tokens.
    3, BNX token acquisition methods include purchased from DEX such as Pancake, Babyswap, challenging specific dungeons in the game, and participating in other DEFI products in Binaryx. Most of the BNX paid by users in the game will be used to set up activity rewards to the user. Users can create their own game characters through the character's creation page. Each time creating a character, you need to pay 1BNX token. Each character created will get random occupational/attribute points/talent skills. Each character created is the form of NFT tokens. Players can freely transfer the character to operations/gift/sale.
    The expansion information:
    1, token
    tokens, which is a similar shape and size similar to currency, but items restricted to use range and do not have currency effect. Tokens usually need to be exchanged for money for stores, playgrounds, mass transportation and other places, as vouchers to use services and in exchange for items. The material of the tokens is mainly metal or plastic.
    2, IC tokens
    IC tokens are plastic currency (Token) of the Tibetan IC chip. Generally, the toll systems of subways and parking lots are available. The principle is similar to the non -contact technology of smart cards. It is 28 mm diameter. Compared with paper tokens or tickets, the IC tokens can be reused and reduced the amount of paper, but the amount cannot be displayed directly. You need to use the reading device to know the amount. Compared with contact or non -contact electronic ticket cards, IC tokens are smaller.
    3, bnx
    binaryx is a decentralized derivative contract based on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Binaryx uses an improved automatic market business (AMM) model. Users can use Binaryx to perform BINARY options BINARY options trade. Both option buyers and AMM can get BINARY option network tokens (BNX), and users who hold and lock the BNX tokens can get dividends from the BinaryX network profit.

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