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  1. Introduction: Mario is a super popular multi -faceted role standing at the top of the game industry. Mario grows up by eating mushrooms, characterized by big nose, wearing a hat, wearing a strap work clothes, and still having a beard. Together with his twin brother Louis, he has been a super -brand role of Nintendo for many years. The following is the super -Mary's game rules I carefully organized. I hope it will be helpful to you!
    game rules:
    control Uncle Mario to destroy the enemy, collect gold coins, and break through the obstacles to reach the destination quickly in a limited time.
    game gameplay:
    M mobile to up to up to S, down A, left D, right, J attack/cooperative direction key acceleration, K jumping, h start the game, F long press the single/double n background design At
    , one day, the powerful magic turtle cool bully family invaded the Peace Kingdom where the mushrooms lived. The honest mushroom clan has been turned into various shapes such as rocks, bricks, or brush -headed dishes by Cool Tyrannosaurus, and the mushroom kingdom is about to perish.
    The can unlock the magic of the mushrooms and let them wake up. Only the princess of the mushroom kingdom -Princess Peach Blossom. However, she was caught by the Demon King Cool Bawang.
    In order to defeat the turtle family, rescue Princess Peach Blossom, and bring back peace to the mushroom kingdom, Mario decided to stand up and challenge the Cool Bawang.
    The items
    1up mushrooms: After obtaining, Himelou can add 1 life.
    Spring: After horsepou, you can make a high jump by pressing the A key when it is stretched.
    Gold coins: After collecting 100 coins, Himelou can add 1 life.
    Mushrooms: After obtaining, Himelou will enter the state of super horseio.
    Fire flowers: After obtaining, Himelou will enter the state of Himelou in the fireball.
    Invincible stars: After obtaining, Mario will enter the state of invincible Malio.
    Scene map
    The player will adventure in the mushroom kingdom in the game. The mushroom kingdom consists of 8 worlds, with 4 regions in each world, and the fourth region of each world is castles in each world. The castle has the caught princess and the princess Chinobio. In order to rescue Princess Peach Blossom, Mario must clear all areas of all areas within a certain period of time. Ma Lio needs to cross the mountains, canyons, and the sea. In addition to fighting with the soldiers of Cool Bawang, all kinds of suffering and puzzles are waiting for Ma Lio to bear and resolve.
    G level mechanism
    Player is basically through the jumping action of the side perspective to reach a certain end point on the right side. The game levels are performed horizontally from left to right. Except for the area 4 of each world, the end of each level is flagpole. If the player lost 1 life in a certain level, the player will start from scratch. But if you have passed halfway before losing his life, the player will start to take risks from half a point. After touching the flagpole, the system will calculate the remaining time to provide rewards for players, and then the player can clear the level.
    Super Marie Composition
    Whether I have played this game or not, I mentioned "Super Mary". In my mind, I will think of this blue strap pants, a red hat, and still under the big nose. Keep two beard pipeliners.
    , although people now play less such stand -alone games, and the most classic "Super Mary" should be arcade games, not the touch screen operation on the Internet, but I can still feel happiness from it.
    I am a person who can play games, this is not, it is really not. Until now, it has only reached the second level and has not yet passed. But I think this mini -game is quite challenging. Although I am a "rookie" for the game expert, or those who are a bit playing games, I can even say that in the world of the game, like a "unable to support Adou", I still think, I am from it. I got a lot of fun.
    The experience from many failures, this game is like talking about life. When you meet a monster, you ca n’t feel that the mechanical activities of others are stupid, underestimate the power of others, and do n’t have much improvement over your failure, you are too confident. Sometimes, it fails again, proud, and will not succeed.
    is the same when picking up the equipment. The bare hands and empty fist. In the past, they can only die for a short while without results. When we accumulate enough power, we will do more with less and can get more. We come easily and want to succeed easily, but this road is never as easy as we imagine. Seize the opportunity to make yourself constantly becoming strong. Sometimes it is not that you will win before you go, but you find a way, and slowly make yourself stronger, so that the road will become smoother and smoother.
    In the game screen, it is unexpected and doing well, sometimes it is like interpreting the light and vulgarity of life. Of course, life sometimes faces turns. When you find a hidden passage, you will eventually miss the scenery of a journey. Everything is relative.
    Perhaps everyone who plays "Super Mary" will have their own feelings, just like everyone's life is different. Some people go fast, go smoothly, miss the scenery, some people will be happy when they are playing hard, and others will be happy. Other people repeatedly come again and again. Maybe the person who passed the customs clearance can be said to have played very well and happy, but the person who is always struggling is also in his own world. He understands a lot. Never understand.
    But there is another real thing, that is, the result of standing in place, it is by no means unsuccessful. In life, no matter how struggle is good, resting in place will only waste opportunities again and again, there will be no more scenery, and there will be no moment of the Jedi counterattack. There is no regret that it is not beautiful enough, leaving only a character in place, and self who does not run for life.
    The small games not only have great happiness, but also have a lot of growth.

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