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  1. The new TOEFL is composed of four parts, namely reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each part is 30 points, and the entire test questions are 120 points.

    . Reading: There are three articles

    . Different from Old TOEFL, candidates do not need to read the full text before answering, but instead in the process of doing the question. Reading articles in segments.
    Each article has 11 test questions, which are selected questions. Except for the last test questions, the other test questions are asked for a certain part of the article. The order of the test questions is consistent with the order of the article. The last question asked questions for the entire article and asked candidates to choose several items from multiple choices to summarize or summarize the full text. * The length of the new generation of TOEFL reading articles is slightly longer than the old TOEFL reading article, and the difficulty has also increased. This part of the duration is 1 hour. At this time, candidates can review and modify the answers that have been submitted.
    . Listening (Listening): The short dialogue was canceled

    consisting of two long campus scene dialogue and four classroom speeches. Each class speech was about 5 minutes long. Because it is a machine test, candidates cannot know the test questions before listening to the recording materials.
    Is when playing recording materials, the corresponding background picture will be displayed on the computer screen. Candidates can take notes in the process of listening. Candidates cannot review or modify the answers that have been submitted. This section lasted about 50 minutes.
    It listening level is undoubtedly the key to the success of the new TOEFL. Except for reading, it is inseparable from "listening". For Chinese candidates, listening is the weak link.
    The effective way to improve the hearing of Chinese candidates is the "hearing method", that is, to listen to the relevant hearing materials and write down the contents hearing. There are also software specifically used to practice new TOEFL listening, such as the new TOEFL listening to the king software. One of the disadvantages of "listening method" to improve listening is that it may be more time -consuming when the practice is started.
    . Speaking: TSE (Test of Spoken English) is fused in the new TOEFL. However, compared with the current TSE. There are 6 questions in this part, which lasts about 20 minutes.

    1, two questions require candidates to explain their views on a certain topic.

    2, four questions require candidates to read a short article within 45 seconds, and then the short essay goes away and play a period of dialogue or classroom speech related to short essays. Finally, the candidates are required to answer related questions based on the short essays and played dialogue or classroom speech. The candidates have 30 seconds of preparation time and then answered for 60 seconds.

    . For example, the essay describes two schemes to expand the school gymnasium. In the dialogue, a classmate elaborates his position, that is, which solution is in favor of, which solution opposes, and lists several of them. reason.
    The request to describe the position of the classmates in the dialogue and explain what reasons he / she enumerated this view.
    3, six questions require candidates to listen to a campus scene dialogue or class speech, and then answer related questions. Candidates have 20 seconds of preparation time, and then answered 60 seconds. For example, first broadcast a marketing classroom speech, the professor listed the two market research methods, and then asked candidates to use the viewpoints and examples in the classroom speech to describe the two market surveys listed by the professor.

    4, candidates can take notes in the process of listening to help answers the questions. When preparing and answering the questions, the countdown clock will be displayed on the screen.

    . Writing (Writing) requires candidates to complete two composition within 1 hour.

    The writing similar to the old TOEFL, requiring candidates to explain their views on a certain topic within 30 minutes, and the number of words is more than 300 words.
    . The other article requires candidates to read a article first. Five minutes later, the article goes away and play a classroom speech related to the article. The classroom speech lists some arguments to refute the arguments and arguments in the article. Subsequently, candidates were required to write a composition in 20 minutes to summarize the arguments and arguments of classroom speech, and state how these arguments and arguments refute the arguments and arguments of the article. The number of words is between 150 words and 225 words. When writing, the article will be displayed on the screen. This composition does not require candidates to explain their views.
    . Generally, in the actual exam, candidates often encounter additional test questions in the listening or reading section. The additional test part (sometimes the classic addition can be judged), so it should be taken seriously.

    The is the most difficult part of TOEFL and writing. It is not difficult to review the exam.

  2. IELTS reading, listening, and speaking test content are closely related to daily life, especially spoken language. Students need to describe their learning and life naturally, fluent, and accurately, and express their ideas and views on some things.
    In IELTS tests, the most headache for students is the two contents of spoken language and listening. Most Chinese students studying English from childhood to large are "deaf and dumb English", so Students have to work hard in these two parts.
    Me improvement of spoken language, the most important thing is to have confidence, and don't be afraid of being bad. Students can choose the real questions of the exam over the years, pay attention to voice and tone, simulate the mirror, and find a virtual scene exercise for a companion or certain English websites;
    We must persist in the boring work of follow -up and hearing, but this is an effective way. You can also choose a fun learning method in your free time. It is recommended that you watch more English movies or listen to English broadcasts and English songs, which will help the hearing improvement.
    In successfully passing the IELTS test, another important factor is the mentality of the candidate. As the saying goes, one minute on the stage and ten years of merit on the stage. Many students were too nervous before the test, causing the mental unimportant in the examination room, not understanding the hearing, and the answer during the oral test and the tiger and snake tail. In the end, they waste time and waste money, leaving a lot of regrets. It is particularly important to overcome the tension before the exam. This requires a large number of simulation tests, from hearing to writing. Do not rest in the middle to create a state of test status for yourself. After such training, it will be much easier when you really go to the examination.

  3. TOEFL spoken language and writing are not difficult. The hardest thing is hearing. Listening, speaking, reading and writing, except for reading, there are listening participation. As for the examination form, you can check the relevant information online. In short, if you want to improve TOEFL, hearing is the key to victory. Other parts can refer to the opinions of others

  4. All the TOEFL test is a machine test. The reason for the difficulty of speaking and writing may be that it has been changed to the machine test, and there is no saying in writing and speaking. Some people also feel that speaking is simple and written, and everyone is good at partly.
    To TOEFL is an English ability test organized by the American Education Test Service (ETS). The full name is "Examination of the English Proficiency Test of Non -English Mother's Mother Talk", and the Chinese transliteration is "TOEFL". There are three types of TOEFL, namely: PBT -PAPER BASED TEST Paper Test 677, CBT -COMPUTER BASED TEST 300, IBT -Internet Based Test Test 120, the new TOEFL score is 120 points. The validity period of the toefl test is two years, which is calculated from the test date.

  5. Hello, the TOEFL test is divided into four items of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Among them, speaking and writing are more difficult, so if you take the TOEFL test, it is recommended that you choose a professional TOEFL training institution to let the professional teachers help you to learn first to learn from the study. Plan, and then you can learn according to your own situation. This can ensure the efficiency and quality of learning. Beijing Lange TOEFL course is good. It is suitable , Beijing Langge's TOEFL teachers have experience in overseas study abroad and many years of IELTS TOEFL teaching experience. The environment is also very good. Moreover, Beijing Langge Unique Langge Overseas Examination Research Center (Rafle). All teachers have been trained by the research center. And the exam!

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