The newly bought IHOME IBT38 will not use the person who you can buy to answer

The newly bought IHOME IBT38 will not use the person who I have bought to answer the line.

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  1. 1. IHOME specific features! Because my home is broken, I have to use this software. This software can completely replace the home including the exit function and the background operation function that the home cannot do (need another software) all the functions need to be slidd on the screen to complete Intersection 2. Some people say that ihome is not mature enough. Personally, I think that the degree of virtual substitutes as a physical buttons is already very good! 3. Some people say that IHOME is always unsuccessful. That's because the right method is not useful because Touch is a full -screen touches a full screen to do not affect other functions. IHOME's human nature is a trigger yellow on the bottom of the screen (can also be transferred to the top). The position is to operate according to the trigger bar, not cumbersome or troublesome. 4. Do you have to activate the screen with Home in the black screen? In fact, it is not. I do n’t know if you have found that the shutdown key can be locked immediately or open the screen immediately, so you can completely say goodbye to the Home Physical button. Let's write the tutorial below to download and install the main program of the IHOME, and then install the desktop restart and the background operation (the latter two are not necessary to install, but try to install the function as much as possible), then everyone will see the icon of the small house, then enter and exit the start items At this time, IHOME can use the following settings. It can be changed according to your personal habits. At this time, you will find that yellow lines will appear on the bottom of your screen at the bottom of the screen. This is the trigger bar if you can bid farewell to home. You can lock the screen from the left to right to press the boot button to open the screen. Is it possible to use the picture at all? Please see the reference materials ~

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