What should I do if I get a freezing bank card

What should I do if I get a freezing bank card

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  1. At the bank counter, you can check this card to be frozen by a single item or be frozen in both directions. If it is a single freezer, you can receive transfer and cannot be expenditure; if it is a two -way freezing, you cannot pay or receive transfer; if your bank card is a single freezing, you receive the transfer of transfer in one to three trading days; if your bank The card is a two -way frozen, and the transfer of the account (Agricultural Bank Card) has received the money to be returned by three to five trading days.

    The expansion information:
    The bank card holder's bank card is a credit card (loan card). If it is frozen, it may be abnormal transactions in the cardholder's credit card, such as malicious cardholders' maliciousness. Cash cash, forged information, continuous errors in passwords, etc., bank cards may be frozen by banks.
    The bank cards that can be overdraft, banks will formulate overdraft shares for cardholders based on the actual repayment capacity of the cardholder. When the cardholder overdraft exceeds the share, the bank will immediately freeze the cardholder's bank card.
    The cardholder's bank card is debit card. If it is frozen, one is the wrong account freezing, which means that when the bank trades, the money is wrong to the cardholder's account, then the bank may put it on Give the cardholder's part to freeze. One is judicial freezing. According to the relevant provisions of the law, the judicial organs can apply to the bank's bank card for bank cards due to the needs of case handling. At the same time, customs, tax authorities and other departments have the right to freeze.
    No matter what bank card is, if the cardholder enters the password for three consecutive errors, the banking system will automatically lock the cardholder's bank card password, similar to the frozen, but not frozen. 24 small is automatically lifted after.
    The cardholder's bank card does not re -apply for the new card. After the expiration, the bank will freeze the cardholder's expired bank card.
    If the cardholder's bank card is repeatedly reported multiple times, it is frozen by the bank's suspicion of malicious loss.
    For the balance of the bank card less than 100 yuan and not in use for a long time, the phone bank or ATM machine has been lost three consecutive passwords, the bank card is lost and lost, the cardholder's information is stolen, and the cardholder himself calls the bank. Lost loss, etc., need to take the cardholder's ID card to the original bank business hall to go through the relevant procedures.
    The bank system failure, of course, the probability of this situation is very low. If this happens, bring your ID card and bank card to the business hall, and explain the situation to the bank staff, and will help the cardholder to solve the problem.
    If the freezing of the bank card is related to the law and the case, then when the thawing can be thawed, it must be analyzed according to the actual situation. First of all, it is necessary to correct that the Public Security Bureau cannot directly freeze personal bank accounts; if due to cases or judicial needs, the Public Security Bureau will report to the court to freeze the relevant bank account involved in the case; The account; the general freezing period is six months, which can be extended once according to demand, generally extended to three to six months; if suspected illegal, etc., the account can permanently freeze. After investigation by the public security, if there are no other problems, the account will thaw in time.

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