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  1. Liberty is a commemorative coin in the United States. Liberty Saka Kaavia's $ 1 commemorative coin is the US dollar commemorative coin cast by 2000. At the same time, the US President 1 USD 1 commemorative coin was launched at the same time. The front of the commemorative coin is Saka Kaavia, and the back is the flying white -headed sea carvings (the theme of the American agricultural agriculture in 2009).
    liberty coins are the same as the previous 10 cents coin. The front pattern is the portrait of the goddess of Liberty. She has a Fricigan hat, which is decorated with laurel branches, and "liberty" is written in "Liberty". Words. After the 1792 U.S. coinage bill appeared. The current issuance of the US dollar is controlled by the US federal reserve system.

    US circulation coins
    Simal points, 25 points, half, and 1 yuan. In the history of the United States, there were 6 well -known president avatars on these 6 types of coins. The coins issued before 2013 were the old version. The pattern is a well -known President Lincoln's avatar in American history, and it is released by Lincoln's 100th anniversary (1909).
    The substitute currency made of resin materials before, with the same patterns and different materials. In the past, the pattern on the back of the coin was the Lincoln Memorial Hall. The back side of the new version of the coin was a free shield. ) Issued, the front pattern of this currency changed.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-USD

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