Why can you "think of things"? The principle of the quantum entanglement operation behind the decryption

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  1. There are 246 million whirlwinds in the entire universe, and we humans call it "trash can".

    The shapes of them are mostly similar, like the conch with a very high top and lower tip. Some of them will be different, consisting of ultra -fine trace. It runs at a speeding spiral, and the speed is almost invisible. Their role is mainly to deal with waste in each space. The individual shapes are different. Its effect is only for classification.

    The waste treated through the whirlwind nest becomes "extreme compression". The normal situation of each whirlwind fossa will produce a "extreme compression" after 16,000 days (Earth Time).

    The size of an extreme compression material is like a corner coin, and white snowflakes can be used again. After each whirlwind nest is born, a magnetic vibration wave will be emitted. After the cosmic recycling cabin receives the vibration wave, it will accurately connect with the whirlwind nest and pick up the limit compression. The black limit compression is not available, and the number is extremely small.

    The universe holographic receiving network system

    The in our universe has a perfect and invisible neural network architecture. Fine and rigorous paths and orientations.

    This has two branches of the net:

    It as a human meridian, winding and turning on branches, but there is no disconnection connection. The receiver is only responsible for receiving the call from the soul, and it cannot receive the language.

    Ittage, such as human blood vessels, it is responsible for receiving the behavior and language information of each space dimension. All the received information will bring together the center of this network. The center looks like a paper folding fan, and these collected soul information will be provided to the leaders and Buddhist leaders of the heavenly man. The gods, Buddhas, Bodhisattva, and Angels are responsible for the specific work.

    The work relationship between this receiving network and the Buddhas is like: a soul emit a good idea, such as "must help ten poor students". It started to operate the characters related to his thoughts, and a quantum entanglement was launched through another transmitting system.

    The launch system consists of scattered independent bullets jumping tablets. They are particularly like smooth potato chips. These bullets are floating. Links related characters and send them quantum entanglement. The bullet jumping tablets will consume their own quantum when issuing a link until the quantum consumption is exhausted, the bullets disappear, and the task is completed.

    It after receiving feedback from the network receiving behavior and language information, the system similar to human blood vessels will automatically detect the cause and effect law and give the corresponding results, and then emit it to the quantum phosphorus. Similar potato chips. Similarly, after each one receives a task, fly away, link to the relevant characters and send out quantum entanglement. The quantum phosphate will consume itself when the link is issued, until the quantum consumption is exhausted, the phosphorus light disappears, and the phosphorus is disappeared. mission completed.

    The earth grid and ground gravity

    This Creator's cither the earth's high -tech earth grid when creating the earth.

    This is set up with an Internet -like grid on the periphery of the Earth, wrapped the entire Earth inside from the ring -shaped light mesh.

    The vertical 12 rings, horizontal 12 rings, uniformly arranged, relatively sparse, there are 288 cross points between the longitudinal ring and the horizontal ring, each cross point is a climate launch station.

    The poles of the earth, that is, the center of the optical network ring line, each has a source of information receiving. The source of information receiving at the Arctic Point is responsible for receiving the weather instructions on the earth in charge of the earth's weather. After receiving the instruction, automatically recognize and transmit it to the launch station at the cross point at the grid. The launch station will accurately find the area along the circular optical network line and issue a weather instruction.

    The information receiving source at the Antarctic point is responsible for collecting various changes in the environmental resources of the earth, and adding an Earth energy early warning device. When the local energy level reaches the minimum standard The creator and alien king will receive the alert at the same time.

    The earth grid also interacts with the earth's nuclear magnetic gravitational device to cause the earth to cause gravity, while the earth grid is exclusive. Di Xin Magnetic Gravity Equipment is a very large machine. The system is very complicated. One after another, it will overlap and connect another device. The equipment has countless interaction gears. Screen and instrument panel.

    The landlocked magnetic gravitational equipment is guarded by an alien civilized staff of a detachment. The staff must be super fine in this device to calculate the accurate energy of each creature on the earth, and then control the handling. Effect the corresponding gravity.

    Because this ground -hearted magnetic gravity is not long -lasting, it is always changing. The gravity of control is a very rigorous job, and there must be no errors.

    . It used to be hundreds of millions of years ago, and due to operational errors, the collective destruction of certain creatures on the planet at that time.

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