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  1. Once Mercedes -Benz GLB was released, it can be said that a stone stirred thousands of waves. The Internet hotspots talked about the Internet hotspots except Mercedes -Benz released a close -level 7 -seater SUV, and a large number of people gathered in the 1.3T vehicle engine of Mercedes -Benz GLB. So is Mercedes -Benz GLB1.3T power enough? Let's use data to analyze it.

    The Mercedes -Benz GLB power analysis

    In the definition of pushing the weight ratio to analyze the main performance of Mercedes -Benz GLB. Although GLB uses a 1.3T vehicle engine, how many output power is in the middle of the bid. To put it bluntly, the weight ratio is how many horses can be assigned by the car one ton. The higher the weight ratio coefficient, the speed of speeding time of the car will also be rapid. The following forms analyzed the push -to -weight ratio of GLB2. The second form is the reference of pushing weight comparison to speed up feelings.

    It can be found that the push ratio coefficient of the Mercedes -Benz GLB low output power model is only 84.05, and the power experience is weak. The weight ratio coefficient of high -power models is 100.6, and the power experience is sufficient. Model terminal equipment market price/10,000 yuan exhaust volume maximum horsepower/HP maximum torque speed/nm net weight/kg push ratio/ps/t to accelerate time/second Mercedes -Benz GLB180 cool 20.771..0510.2 Mercedes -Benz GLB200 fashion trend type 24.371..369.4 Push weight ratio Power and feel the accurate positioning of the vehicle model

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