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    This gap is not a gap between them good or bad, but the gap between positioning.
    BBA's other SUVs are very close to the car positioning, and even you will not be too outrageous if you close your eyes, such as Mercedes -Benz C, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4L, as well as Mercedes -Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5L Essence However, the BBA compact SUV design concept and spatial size are very different, and the price is also gap.
    Mercedes -Benz GLB
    BMW X1
    Audi Q3
    So make a suitable choice between them. First of all Know that one is more suitable for you.
    What is the positioning? Mainly space
    bba compact SUVs. If it is placed a few years ago, when the BMW X1 did not change and did not appear with Mercedes -Benz GLB, they were relatively close. The Mercedes -Benz compact level is GLA, BMW's generation X1, and Audi Q3.
    BM1 extended wheelbase rear space is spacious.
    Mercedes -Benz GLB is the only
    Then BMW X1 has changed first, and the wheelbase is extended to the Chinese market. The rear space becomes very wide, but it also destroys its driving performance. The Mercedes -Benz GLB, which appeared at the end of last year, was unique to the Chinese market. The compact body launched a 7 -seater version, but the price rose.
    The interior of the Mercedes -Benz GLB is good -looking
    So you are not a fan of Mercedes -Benz, so the Mercedes -Benz GLB 200 from 318,800 in the guidance price is a bit expensive, which is 40,000 yuan more expensive than your opponent. Of course, Mercedes -Benz has also pushed a new GLB 180 with a low -profile 292,800 yuan, but the power is really weak ...
    The Audi Q3 space is not small, but there is no opponent big
    Great demands, then the attractiveness of Audi Q3 is not as large as the BMW X1 with a long wheelbase. The same space is large, but the cost -effective is also the Mercedes -Benz GLB. In fact, the new generation of Audi Q3 has a lot of space, but there is no exaggeration of opponents, so if you accept this, the Audi Q3 is definitely the most balanced and easy -to -open choice.
    The dynamic differences You must understand
    three cars take small displacement models with the most sales volume as an example. Then three cars use 7 -speed dual -clutch transmission because they all use small displacement turbine. The supercharged engine is generally comfortable when driving in the city.
    The power of the main sales model Audi Q3 is the best
    but if you have to rank a list, then the 1.4T 7DCT of the Audi Q3 35TFSI is the most smooth, and then the 1.3T 7DCT of the Mercedes -Benz GLB200, experience the experience, experience The worst is the BMW X1 SDRIVE 20LI 1.5T 3 -cylinder 7DCT. You can tolerate the irregularity of the double clutch. After all, it is more fuel -saving, but the only BMW 3 -cylinder of the three cars is a bit unbearable.
    The 1.5T 3 cylinder of BMW X1 is a bit embarrassing
    and in terms of power performance, the minimum output of the Q3 body size is 150PS and 250nm. But it feels a little bit of a big horse car on GLB, and this leader is relatively weak. In the end, the BMW X1 was only 140ps and 220nm.
    Since the Mercedes -Benz GLB is a new listing, there are a lot of misunderstandings about it. Correct it here.
    glb's second row of comfort is very average
    is the 7 -seater version of the third row that cannot be sat at all? No, the space in the third row of GLB is still possible to sit in a temporary person. It will not be much smaller than 7 SUVs such as Highlander. However, the problem is that the 7 -seater version seriously lost the second row to let the third row sitting. Therefore, the 7 -seater version is not just needed to avoid choice.
    is the GLB200 1.3T 7DCT power? No, I have talked about it before, which is better than BMW in 3 cylinders. It will not be very weak. But GLB180 can only output 136PS and 200NM is really weak.
    mades have not found it. The chassis of GLB is very good, the control skills are not weak, and the skill of running mountains may still be above BMW.
    The summary of the three compact SUVs of BBA is really a bit complicated. In addition to the gap between power, there is space.
    The model of 2.0T
    The high -profile version of 2.0T, both Audi Q3 and BMW X1, then it is completely fine. 2.0T manufacturer's guidance price is more than 300,000 yuan, but the market price is about 50,000 yuan in discounts. Friends with sufficient budget recommendation strongly recommend version 2.0T. After all, 2.0T is much better than small displacements, and the fuel consumption is almost the same.
    This from the authors of the car home car, does not represent the point of view of the car home.

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