Say goodbye to choosing tangled Xiaobian telling you that Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes -Benz GLB Who is better

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  1. Want to ask what car is the best in 2020? As far as the model is concerned, of course, it is SUV. In the context of negative growth in the auto market, it can still spell 0.7%positive growth rate. It is definitely the strength of the model. related. As far as the brand is concerned, the growth rate of luxury cars is pressured by joint venture and independent brands, especially the BBA "three -driving carriage", accounting for 68%of the sales of luxury cars, which is based on the price of luxury brand entry models, and consumers buy cars to buy cars. The upgrade upgrade is closely related. The intersection of these two points has attracted the three "popular fried chicken" market competitions of Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes -Benz GLB. These three cars have their own advantages. Consumers are easy to "choose tangled". Who is it better to buy? Below we compare these three cars, and you understand after reading it.
    Onched comparison
    Audi Q3: The most youthful atmosphere
    BMW X1: The most family -based design style
    Mercedes -Benz GLB: The largest size of the three cars
    There is no doubt Yes, these three cars are particularly welcomed by young people, especially for young consumers. When the luxury brands are "double -have", they are like carrying a bag or cosmetics. The powerful aura. Secondly, the entry price is not high, especially the entry price of Audi Q3 and BMW X1. In the terminal sales market, it has been squeezed to the joint venture brand SUV, which is very suitable for starting. However, in terms of appearance design, the personality and texture of these three cars are completely different.
    In Audi Q3, after replacement, the appearance is obviously too young, and has made very high attention in the market, and the biggest change of the 2021 Audi Q3 is based on the design of the original model. Enjoy the black outer light bag "and" Audi enjoy the special version of the black external light bag ", so that consumers have more personalized choices. From the perspective of the design language of the shape, the Audi Q3 is the youngest and fashionable model of the three cars. The headlights and large mouth grilles bring a sense of visual impact. After the matrix headlights are lit, at night There is a high degree of recognition.
    In aspects of the side, the Audi Q3 has a smoother and large C -pillar, which makes it look more designed, and it can provide two new styles of wheels with 18 -inch/19 inches. Available for consumers. In order to satisfy young people's preferences for different colors, it provides 10 body colors, plus sensation and elegant types, can change countless combinations, allowing consumers to customize this Audi Q3 on the road to the road surface. Unique existence.

    2021 BMW X1 shape is still a strong family style, especially the increased area of ​​the kidney intake grille, which makes this car look more like the "big brother" BMW X3. The "Eye of Angel" headlights with a high degree of degree knows the identity of BMW.

    In terms of side design, the most obvious is still the slender body shape. Its length reaches 4565 mm and the wheelbase is also 2780 mm, which greatly improves the leg space in the rear row. In terms of details, the 2021 BMW X1 uses a new style of wheels of Y -shaped stitching, adding two color schemes: quantum blue and dark gray, and adopt a new color scheme for the rearview mirror shell to meet the aesthetics of young people.

    In contrast, the appearance of the Mercedes -Benz GLB is much more thick, with a little cool taste, more business stable atmosphere, the overall luxury is like the style of the Mercedes -Benz brand, which reflects the reflection It is relatively strong. Whether it is a straight line, a positive headlight, or a vertical tail, it brings some masculine characteristics. Among these three cars, Mercedes -Benz GLB is the highest price. Of course, the size is also the largest. The length of the body reaches 4648 mm.

    Summary: If your youth is under 35 years old, Xiaobian strongly recommends buying the Audi Q3, it can give the owner better fashion characteristics. If it is a male driver, the BMW X1 will be more concerned. After all, the more handsome appearance is the favorite of male drivers. As for Mercedes -Benz GLB, although some female drivers like it, Xiaobian is not too recommended. Except for the price is much higher than the other two cars, the entry -level SUV should be wiped out. In addition to some cost -effective, their shapes are not as pleasing to GLC, and they are not smart, and there is no need for GLA.

    interior and space comparison
    Audi Q3: Young sports texture is strong
    BMW X1: Back row legs Excellent
    The interior style of these three cars represents the understanding of the three brands on the demands of young consumers. It can be said that the interior of the Audi Q3 is the most sporty style. Its dynamic and Ya Ya models provide 3 and 5 seats. Users can match seats, seat belts, central control ornaments according to their personal preferences. The color of the board and the door trim can create a very strong personal atmosphere.

    Stin Audi Q3 uses virtual cockpit systems, LCD instruments and central control screens, which can make the driver feel wrapped, and the UI design and resolution of the central control screen also reach very high The level, the visual effect is very gorgeous. In terms of configuration, the 287,800 Audi Q3 2021 35 TFSI fashion sensitive model we recommend has the keyless entry system that the other two competing models are not available, the back row independent air conditioner, 11 speakers audio systems, and automatic automatic sound system, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic automatic speakers, and automatic. Anti -dazzling rearview mirror, touch reading light, front headlight rain fog mode, luggage 12V power supply and other configurations.

    The interior design of BMW X1 is still the first sense of sport, so many people who like BMW feel that the interior is very good, but those who do not like BMW feel that their interior lacks luxury cars In the opinion of Xiaobian, BMW's design is welcomed by men, but women generally do not "cold". It is worth mentioning that the rear legs of the BMW X3 are quite excellent, which is why many home users choose it.

    This BMW X1 2021 premium market price is 298,800 yuan, and the guidance price is slightly more expensive than the above Q3, but the configuration seems to be very good. What it has, except for the front seat memory function and gas lack of tires, Audi Q3 is available.

    The interior of the Mercedes -Benz GLB reflects the sense of luxury, which is related to its large number of high -bright chrome decoration and delicate and delicate design. The understanding of luxury cars, and this car uses an integrated design of the dashboard and the central control screen, which looks more technological. However, the shortcomings of GLB are also obvious. Because of the 7 -seater design, it has lost its advantage in the back row space. The second row of space is not large enough, and the third row is too small. Mercedes -Benz GLB is the most expensive of the three cars. The 2020 Mercedes -Benz GLB 180 fashion guidance price we recommend is 302,800 yuan, which is basically the same as the above Audi Q3.

    Stinction: The interior of the Audi Q3 is the same as the appearance, both of which are very pleasing to girls. Whether it is cortical or chrome -plated material, it shows the appearance of young people. Other BMW Models, but fortunately, there is a huge background space and can be available for family members; Mercedes -Benz GLB integrates Mercedes -Benz's delicate and luxurious style. Although it is 7, the third row is basically furnishings, and the comfort performance is not good.

    Ip power comparison
    Audi Q3: 1.4T engine is boutique
    BMW X1: Three -cylinder engine reduction a lot
    Mercedes -Benz GLB: 1.3T engine displacement is small u003C/

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