1 thought on “Aixin Yuanzhi and Yun Leopard Intelligence Comparison”

  1. Cloud leopard is smart. Because DPU company Yunbao Intelligent received a new round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. In September 2021, Yunbao Intelligence completed Series A financing, and the capital was the joint investment party for its Capital A round of financing. In less than a year, Yunbao Intelligence completed the round B financing. It is reported that the after -investment valuation of Yunbao was about 9 billion yuan. And AI visual chip research and development and basic computing power platform company “Aixin Yuanzhi” announced the completion of the A round of financing. The total amount of this round is 800 million yuan, Qiming Venture Capital, Weijo Chuangxin, Meituan and Meituan Dragon Ball, and Hehe, and Hehe, and Hehe, and Peace Gathering Capital, Jiyuan Capital, Lenovo Star, and Yaotu Capital jointly participated in this round of financing. This is the fourth round of financing completed by Aixin Yuanzhi so far, less than half a year before the last A round of financing. This financing will be used for the introduction of industrial resources.

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