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  1. 1. Take 10 yuan in your wallet or bank card, go to or run or take a car, go to the currency card sales outlet or game point card sales point, use your 10 yuan to exchange for the corresponding Q coin ; Or online currency card trading platforms, buy 1 Q coin with virtual currency; or use China Mobile and China Unicom to get a Q coin with your pre -reserve call fee.

    2. Walking down on the road, suddenly found a "Q coin" on the ground, so he picked it home.

    3. Dial Tencent's customer service phone call. After the lady of the neatrobe picks it up, you say to her: I am a QQ user, please give me a Q coin. And intimidated, I know where you are careful ...

    4. Holding AK-47 into Tencent's office, using a gun to force the administrator to add 1 Q coin to your QQ.

    5. Go to the restaurant to drink 3 pounds of 85 degrees to burn the knife, take a hot bath in the evening, and always read "Give me a Q coin, give me a Q coin", read 100,000 times, Then sleep, you get a Q coin in the dream.

    6. Buy a Chinese entrepreneur yellow page, or check the phone on the Internet to Ma Huateng, and then start calling him after 0pm. Two times I said that I was Confucius. The third time I said, I want a Q coin, and said that if I do n’t give me Q coins, I will no longer use QQ.

    7. Call 110 and various media, saying that you are standing on the 25 -story high -rise platform. If you do not send 1 Q coin to you, you will jump downstairs.

    8. Find a lawyer to write a complaint, go to the court to prosecute Tencent, accuse Tencent to induce you to use QQ online, asking the judge to judge Tencent to give you a Q coin for free.

    9. Sprinkle rumors everywhere on the Internet, posted posts everywhere, and sent a message everywhere, saying, "I am Ma Huateng, please add a Q coin to me." Tencent's employees believe that it is true, so you have an extra Q coin in your QQ.

    10.24 hours to send information to friends and QQ groups on QQ, asking them to send you a Q coin. If you don't give you, continue to send it until you give you Q coins.

    11. Your friends suddenly were sent to the mental hospital. Before leaving, I gave you a Q coin and told you that we will meet in heaven.

    12. Buy N hacker tutorials, learn N years hacking technology, and then invade Tencent's QQ server, modify your QQ information, and add a Q coin to your account.

    13. Crazy click on the advertisement on the QQ website. It is 30 days without interruption and click 10,000 times a day, so it gets one Q coin.

    14. It looks like a beggar and has been on the campus of primary and secondary schools. When I saw a person coming over, he hoeed his head and said, "Sir, wife, and wife, let's enjoy a Q coin for me.

    15. Rumors spread online, saying that Tencent's stock was suspended by the city, and Tencent was about to close. Tencent was under pressure from public opinion, so I had to give you a Q coin.

    16. From today, you have a vegetarian, burn incense and worship the Buddha three times a day, 365 days a year. Ten years later, if you read your sincerity, you will send you a Q coin.

    17. Looking for Chinese fake masters, he will hire hundreds of millions of dollars to let them make a fake Q coin.

    18. On the eve of Shanda acquisition of Tencent's stock, Tencent launched the "National Mobilization QQ Sanjie Defense War" in order to block Shanda's public acquisition. The Internet posted the "capital tyranny" that protested Shanda and Chen Tianqiao.

    19. Tencent learned that in order to get free Q coins, you used the above 18 methods to be moved by your persistence. Send you a permanent Q coin for free, and ask Mr. Ma Huateng to present the "QQ Most Loyal User Award" for you.

    20. If the nineteen methods above can not work, then I have to use my fatal nirvana. Log in every day and browse each article in 60 minutes. Six months later, you become one of the lucky children to get free Q coins.

    The consequences of 20 methods above

    1. You bought Q coins, but lost the coin.

    2. You can pick up Q coins, but only 50 % of the success rate.

    3. You become the second "Mr. Kong Qiang", and your name is included in the "Top Ten Celebrities on the Internet" in 2005.


    5. You have enjoyed life completely, and you have a dream, and you are happy to go to work tomorrow.

    6. You are arrested for intimidation, or you are sent to a mental hospital.

    7. You have become celebrities, and major newspapers and networks have boarded your photos and events. In response to your situation, there are great social thinking. Numerous sociologists, critics, journalists, and editors have wrote a manuscript to express their views, and the society has quickly launched anti -TM and anti -QQ trends. Scholars point out that QQ seriously affects people's lives and causes huge potential threats to netizens. Therefore, Tencent was investigated and punished by relevant departments, and relevant responsible persons were ruled by the Criminal Law. Tencent's stock exploded 10,000 points and announced bankruptcy overnight. And you fully seize the opportunity, and according to your own "deeds", you conceive a novel "Q coin, you make my life full of tears", becoming the first person in China's Internet antitrust, and frequently appear on major international forums and media Essence

    8. You replaced XXX to become the "more true king" in China. After 10 years, the lawsuit is not available.

    9. You were sued by the court for fraud.

    10. You lost all QQ friends.

    11. Since then, you no longer dare to use QQ.

    12. You become the top hacker.

    13. You become the most loyal supporter of QQ.

    14. You got a Q coin and was kicked out of the school gate by school security.


    16. You have become a well -known Buddhist researcher in China, and the famous "layman".

    17. After you use fake Q coins for an hour, you will be blocked by the QQ administrator quickly.

    18. You get a q coin forever.

    19. You not only get a Q coin, but also become the new spokesperson for Tencent QQ promotion, and become the best model for QQ users to learn.

    20. Thank you for turning my article and may get a Q coin.

  2. In addition to spending money on your own, you can exchange experience with experience. The big red lantern of QQ Speed, and the borrowing of Dongfeng in the three kingdoms of QQ can also be used. Some tasks in the QQ rotation dance can get a few QB clothes. (Compare time) and so on.
    The method I use is: you can send flowers in QQ games to increase the charm value. You can find more QQ numbers to give you a high charm value, and then you can receive salary every month. (That is Q coin) I use this method now, but there are not many.
    So I only buy it if I want it.

  3. Free
    (1). The points you ask can change QQ coins
    The on the upper right corner of the first page you ask (ask the mall points redemption award) Click to enter
    1q coins ---
    Point requirements: 369 points
    Level requirements: 6
    Pouvenay Requirements: Unlimited
    At most exchanges: 3 parts/person
    2q coins ---
    Points requirements : 699 points
    Level requirements: Level 7 or above
    Popularity requirements: Unlimited
    At most exchanges: 2 parts/person
    Pouver: Unlimited
    5qb ---
    Point requirements: 1699 Points
    Level requirements: Level 8 or above
    Popularity Requirements: Unlimited
    At most exchanges: 1 serving/person
    n (2), various games of Tencent have QQ coins, (Q speeding, Q Three Kingdoms, etc.)
    (QQ Speed)
    "Big Red Lantern" props
    . You can go to the prop or race. After each game, you can get
    R n awards
    After equipped with "lantern" props, each competition will consume you a lantern;
    The number of lanterns will be automatically added to 20, so you must use the lantern of the day, otherwise you will lose it;
    (QQ Three Kingdoms)
    Get off -job materials, capsules and 1000 experience, and even have the opportunity to get Q coins and green diamonds, QQ shows and QQ space
    1. At the beginning of the event, players can find NPC "Zhou Yu", "Zhuge Liang" and "Sima Yi" in the main cities of various countries.
    2. Players pay 1,000 Three Kingdoms
    . The certificate can be borrowed to Dongfeng. After the player borrows Dongfeng, it will be delivered to the altars in various countries within 5 minutes (within the scope of the novice village, ), Dialogue task, then

    3. During the process of sending Dongfeng, the balloon may explode. After the blasting, the player needs to receive Dongfeng again. As long as the player participates in the activity times during the activity time.
    4. After the task is completed, the player will get the system refunded the guarantee
    and experience
    . At the same time, there is also the opportunity to get deputy materials, bags, Q coins and green diamonds, QQ shows and QQ space prizes.
    . If the player gets Q coins, green diamonds, QQ shows, and QQ space prizes, please click I want
    to fix
    to get

    (3), ingot in the shot can change QQ coins.
    The unit of ingot is ingot and silver coins, 1 ingot = 1000 silver coins. There is no need to exchange between silver coins and ingots. The system will automatically convert, that is, accumulates 1,000 silver coins, and the system will automatically display as 1 ingot.
    The purpose of shooting ingot
    1, exchanged QB, dolls and other gifts;
    2, the product recommendation position of the product;
    3, various interesting entertainment participating in the community. ...

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