1 thought on “Are you losing your position after buying more?”

  1. After buying more shorts, you can get a platform platform that can be closed.

    The entire process of futures transactions can be summarized as built -up, positioning, liquidation, or physical delivery. Corporation is also called opening a warehouse, which refers to a new number of futures contracts for traders. Buying or selling a futures contract in the futures market is equivalent to signing a long -term delivery contract. If the trader retains the futures contract until the end of the final trading day, he must settle the futures transaction through physical delivery or cash liquidation. However, there are a small number of physical delivery. Most speculators and hedging people generally choose to sell the buying futures contracts before the end of the final trading day, or buy back the futures contracts. That is, the original futures contract is sold through a number of futures transactions with the same number and opposite direction, so that futures transactions are settled and the obligations of physical delivery expiration are lifted. This kind of buying back -selling contract or selling contracts for sale is called liquidation. Then you can make money!

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