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  1. Earlier this week, investment group Quantum Group Ag proposed to purchase Lamborghini from Volkswagen Group for $ 9.2 billion (about 58.8 billion yuan). But then the Audi company, which was held in Lamborghini, said: Lamborghini was a non -selling product. A few days ago, Quantum raised the offer to US $ 11.5 billion (about 73.3 billion yuan), indicating a strong willingness to acquire Lamborghini.
    It is understood that Quantum Group is a holding company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It may have a close connection with the Porsche family, but it is unclear whether the Piech family plays any role in the purchase of Lamborghini.
    . Quantum not only wants to buy the Lamborghini brand, but also wants to buy the entire factory in Santagata, Italy and the company’s racing business, and sign a five -year supplier agreement. Continue to produce the current model. According to relevant documents, Quantum hopes to shape the brand as "the pioneer of innovation by continuously implementing new technologies."
    It Quantum also hopes to share electric vehicle technology with Audi. The investment recommends a advanced automotive innovation center in Germany to develop batteries. Earlier, there were rumors about Volkswagen Group's sale of Lamborghini. However, at the end of 2020, the Public Group Supervisory Board decided not to sell Lamborghini. We will continue to pay attention to how future things develop.

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