5 thoughts on “Zhao Changpeng is worth $ 90 billion. What do you think of this?”

  1. I think this shows that Zhao Changpeng is a young and promising person, and can also encourage us to actively start a business, but this matter can also show that the virtual economy has certain risks, and its value is not necessarily very real. Zhao Changpeng has become the richest man Chinese, and his assets have far exceeded the founder of Nongfu Spring.
    not only founded the world's largest bitcoin trading platform, but he can also further increase the company's market value, which prompts him to have a higher value. He can not only complete the original accumulation of capital, but also become the most valuable person. Zhao Changpeng is worth $ 90 billion. In this regard, I have three main opinions:
    . This shows that entrepreneurship can bring more opportunities for development.
    The Zhao Changpeng can not only start his own business, but also break through many difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, and overcome more difficulties. This can not only create conditions for his success, but also make him a better person. It is precisely because he can seize market opportunities and insist on entrepreneurship, so he can gradually become the richest man Chinese. This is the advantage of entrepreneurship.
    . This incident can reflect Zhao Changpeng's personal characteristics.
    It I think this thing can also prompt us to pay more attention to Zhao Changpeng, and we can also analyze and review him more comprehensive. Because he can succeed through his own efforts, it shows that he must have a unique personality and long -term vision, because only in this way can he be qualified to become the richest man, so this matter can indeed highlight his characteristics.
    . This will make us pay more attention to the virtual economy corresponding to Bitcoin.
    He is not a businessman who focuses on the development of the real economy, and he will not have a positive impact on the real economy. Because he pays more attention to the virtual economy, and he can also make full use of the trading platform to make a profit. Because of this, we pay more attention to Bitcoin and regain the value and role of Bitcoin.
    The above is my opinion.

  2. I think this thing is particularly shocked by me, and it also makes me particularly envious, because Zhao Changpeng's value is indeed very high. It is really not easy to be able to do this point.

  3. I think his personal ability is very strong, but his wealth is not physical wealth, but obtained through the rise of Bitcoin, so it is very unstable and the water is high

  4. I think this is very good. This matter proves that some of our companies are very good, and the company's ability to make money is relatively strong.

  5. I think he is a very powerful person. With his own efforts, he can achieve his current value, which is particularly admirable.

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