Don't bathe with your life, 8 safety tips for gas water heaters

Every winter, there are countless safety accidents caused by the use of gas water heaters. Behind these shocking news is the serious problem of the safe use of gas water heaters. Don't take a bath with your life. 8 safety tips, let you use gas water heaters with peace of mind!

  1. Prohibit the water heater from running empty.

If the gas water heater is empty or not fully burned, it will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide, which will cause poisoning to the user in severe cases. Therefore, when the water heater is empty, it needs to be stopped immediately and repaired.

Second, if it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to close the valve of the gas water heater pipeline.see more:best gas water heater 40 gallon

Although most of the time when the gas water heater is turned on, there will be no hidden danger of gas leakage, but if it is a gas water heater that has been in disrepair for a long time, the aging pipeline may cause potential safety hazards. If it is not used for a long time, it is still necessary to close the gas water heater pipeline valve.

Three, regular maintenance of gas water heaters.

Regardless of whether it is a gas water heater or an electric water heater, regular maintenance is required. There will be scale residues inside the electric water heater, and thick dust will appear at the combustion port after the gas water heater has been used for a long time. cause some damages.

  1. When the flame of the water heater turns yellow and emits a pungent smell, stop using it immediately.

The flame of a gas water heater is generally blue, and it is abnormal if it is yellow. It may be that there is a foreign object in the combustion gas channel, resulting in incomplete combustion.

  1. The safe service life of gas water heaters is 8 years, and do not use them if they are over the age.

Heat exchangers, pipe joints, etc. will be oxidized and corroded in long-term high-temperature and high-pressure environments, so the accessories must be checked regularly. According to the "Safety Management Rules for Household Gas Burning Appliances", the safe service life of water heaters is 8 years.

  1. If you use a rubber tube to connect the water heater, it is best to check the rubber tube regularly for cracks, and it is best to replace it every two years or so.

In terms of the characteristics of the rubber itself, it is prone to cracks after a long time of use, which can easily lead to gas leakage, so it is best to check it regularly.

  1. Do not put flammable items such as towels and rags on the exhaust port or air supply port.Also read:best 50 gal water heater

The exhaust port and air supply port of gas water heaters are relatively high in temperature, and flammable items such as towels and rags are likely to cause fire accidents.

  1. When you can smell the smell, it means that there may be an air leak. You need to open the doors and windows in time, close the main gas valve, and then check the air leak.

Both electric water heaters and gas water heaters have their own safety hazards, so you must pay attention when using them! Keep these eight safety tips in mind~

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