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  1. After more than 10,000 years of getting along with human beings, it can be said that it has been completely integrated into our lives. It is precisely because our relationship with the dog is so close that everyone often makes a wrong concept------- We often use human ideas to explain the motivation of dog behavior, ignoring the dog's thinking mode different from human thinking. Because of this wrong concept, we have a lot of problems in communicating with dogs. Discipline and training.
    Werity do you know what your dog is thinking?
    Is we can enter their inner world only by understanding the dog's thinking mode, and further establish the correct relationship with them. Their lives make any comparison or judging, let alone the identity of the owner. Status, occupation and wealth.
    we dressed it with flowers, feeding them the best and most expensive foods, and met the needs of the owner's inner heart; and the dogs that were overly doted often confused the relationship with the owner, and then then Challenge the leader's leadership status, and cause various problems. Dogs are based on intuition and experience as the basis for action, and they live in a natural world; while people judge with morality and value, and live in the world of emotions.
    So when we correct the wrong behavior of the dog, we cannot convince them by human moral norms, and it cannot be discussed with them. Instead, we must immediately stop it with clear. Let them clearly understand the errors, and the behavior of the wrongdoing dog is an animal living in the present. The logic of thinking about the cause and effect of human beings cannot be understood.
    So we must punish it immediately when it is making a mistake, so that it can associate the punishment with the wrong behavior. I am afraid that it will be punished by the mistakes it made in one minute or an hour ago. White efforts; and a consistency attitude can make it meet our expectations.
    [Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not; after hours, you can not grow up], the discipline method will make the dog feel inexplicable and confused, so the attitude of the dog discipline must be developed from an early age, implemented to implement the execution There must be no lax.
    It some small methods:
    1. In order to be a partner and friend of the dog, you can patiently raise, care and adjust it. Can't be angry at it, cold and hot.
    2. Dogs do not have human intelligence, cannot conduct logical thinking, do not understand human language, and dogs can only learn through memory. Therefore, there must be patience during training, and repeated a password or a gesture to gradually help them build a certain behavior habit.
    3. People and dogs are emotionally connected. Therefore, the owner and the dog should contact more, care more about it, and treat it friendly.
    4. In the contact of the same person, the level of good learning and adaptability of dogs is different. Therefore, pay attention to different situations, we must not abandon and abuse the latter.
    5. During the breeding process, we must study to understand the quality, characteristics, and habits of the dogs, so as to develop and shape it according to their characteristics and according to their characteristics.

  2. In this way, you should not be able to condone him too much when you get along with the dog and get along with the dog. Otherwise, he will be particularly picky about you. When you get along with the dog, you must set up a reward and penalty system to strengthen the dog's awareness.

  3. Dogs are good friends of human beings. You must really treat it with your dogs. You should often take the dog out to play. To let the dog feel warm, dogs will bring a lot of happiness to people

  4. Dogs are the most loyal friends of our human beings. Don't dislike it. Dogs like to be touched and touch it to take it out to walk around to enhance feelings.

  5. Dogs like to accompany others. We need to accompany the dogs, play games with it, train and cultivate some good living habits, and give some snack rewards from time to time.

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