Which is the best pet hospital in Hangzhou? Where?

Don't be the most expensive! As long as the best ~ ask for conscience recommendation

5 thoughts on “Which is the best pet hospital in Hangzhou? Where?”

  1. Some time ago I wanted to adopt a dog picked up by someone else. I do n’t know if it is a stray dog ​​or a dog lost by others. Now I feel that it is more reliable to check it, but I do n’t know which better pet hospital in Hangzhou. Those pet hospitals are not reliable to go to a few.

    The doctor at the first pet hospital treats me just as an injustice, letting me do a lot of unnecessary inspections, poor attitude, and high fees. The most important thing is that the dog is in the dog is in After checking there, I felt that the dog was sick. And this pet hospital is advertised for 24 hours, which is actually a phone call. There is no doctor at all. It was a waste of time.

    24 hours of pet doctors to consult with Xinrupeng Pet Medical Group with the United States and Animal Hospital, Ruipeng Pet Medicine, etc., and the pet referry centers, pet center hospitals, and various pet specialists are opened nationwide There are more than 1,000 hospitals and community hospitals covering more than 90 cities.

    Chat business coverage: pet medical care, laboratory diagnosis, pet beauty style, pet commodity trade, pet supply chain, pet medical equipment, remote Internet diagnosis, medical information platform construction, veterinary continuing education, pet pet education, pet petition Beauty school. It is a real 24 -hour business hospital, and it is not charged, so you can consider it.

  2. The best pet hospital in Hangzhou is Hongtai. There are six hospitals in Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Binjiang, Gongshu, and Xiaoshan. They are also the largest pet hospital in Hangzhou. I remember that I had a pet reputation on the 19th floor. Hongtai was the first place, and the evaluation was the best.

  3. Hongtai Bar, Hongtai Ring City Headquarters and Yueming Branch have been there. The first time I went to Huancheng, the milk dog had been vomiting, and then I went to Yueming Branch. The level is similar. They should also have standards, and the level is not bad.

  4. Many people say that Zhang Xu is very expensive and bad, but the five pet dogs in my house patronize their home. One of the lower jaw bones is broken for internal surgery. It is more expensive than home, but large hospitals will be responsible for small hospitals. You said

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