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  1. How to get dnf pets:
    1. Fun petting system
    After opening the pet system on the homepage surface, select fun and pets. What kind of pets here have the opportunity to draw and have free pets every day a day Opportunities, you can get what props can get your hands.
    After the number of free times is used, you need to spend 500 Tara to extract each time. In addition, the corresponding number of extraction times will also obtain the crystallization, pet currency and experience pets.
    2, Grandma Oram's redeem
    This can also be purchased at Grandma Olan's cute pet exchange place. You can buy epic pets when you reach a certain number. Therefore, you must remember to do the daily cute coin acquisition task.
    3, gift packages
    Is when buying the Arad Youth School Uniform Gift Pack, a pet gift box will be presented in the gift package. After opening, you can choose one of the two pets of Lei Long and Yanlong. The selected pet type is an artifact level, and the pet attribute is already strong.

    4, interesting pets
    directly draw artifacts or epic pets. This method is more lucky. The warriors should not go up.

    5. Purchase the gift package directly
    can choose a artifact pet in the gift package, and its attributes are also very good, which can be added to us.
    6. Exchange with cute pet currency
    The 500 cute pet coins can be directly exchanged for an epic pet at the cute pet exchange place. In this way Essence

  2. Buy the mall, you can also search for pets in auction houses, and then choose your favorite pet to buy.
    All pets with good attributes are packed during holidays. Players need to buy suits during the holiday set to get pets.
    In addition, players can also obtain pets through time -limited activities, but the pet attributes obtained through time -limited activities are poor or even without attributes.

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