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  1. When buying pet dogs, the first problem is its physique and health. The dog's physique and health, as long as you observe it carefully, you can get a general conclusion.
    In first observe the dog's move and mental state. Dogs with lively, brisk gait, sensitive, and vibrant dogs are usually healthy. Not lively, dull, or irritable, is a symbol of unhealthy. Therefore, when buying dogs, don't immediately hold it up, temporarily endure, and observe the dog's actions and postures carefully. If you find that the head is drooping, there is no crash, do not buy it like a dog.
    The eyes should be bright, eyeball should be dark and flexible. Eyes are better, and they are inferior, and the left and right eyes are symmetrical. If the eyeballs are white, dirty, shameful and crying, and secretions, the eyes are wrong.
    The ears and eyes are equally important, and you should take a closer look at whether both ears are wrong. Both ears should be flexible, the ear canal should be cleaned, and the inside of the ears should be healthy. Do not have dandruff to prevent parasites. Frequent heads and ears, maybe there is something wrong with the ears.
    The nasal mirror should be moist and cool, without runny nose, no cough, and sneezing.
    The teeth, gums, and tongue should be checked clearly. Rosy is healthy, pale and bad.
    The hair should be soft, bright, clean, neat, and perfect, no knot, and no obvious hair removal. The skin should be soft and elastic, and cannot be stubborn and hypertrophy.
    It should pay attention to whether the skin has lice, mites and other parasites or other skin diseases. Dogs with skin diseases or parasites often scratch the lesions with claws.
    The healthy dogs are strong and nutritious. If it is too thin, it reveals the spine and ribs, or is too obese, and the belly is too large.
    The bone of the dog should be paid to the bone of the dog, such as the skull without deformation, the curvature of the spine, or the absence of the jaw bone, the marrow joint and the knee joint. It is best to touch the skull, the upper jaw, and the mandibular bone, and then touch the spine and limb bones along the cervical spine. Then let the dog move, see if its walking and running jump are natural, beautiful, or clamor. It is best to be a little far away in front of it when the dog's attention is concentrated, and the paper group or toy is throwing or toys to guide it to run or flutter to see if its response is agile and whether the exercise is flexible. Is there a problem. Many dogs with bones are caused by close relative breeding and inheritance, and should not be raised. These problems are observed by yourself, not what can be explained in the blood certificate.
    If special attention should be paid to the lower end of the dog. Also see if the anus has redness or ulceration.
    Strequent appetite, dilute, yellowing or red, etc., are symbols of sickness, must not be purchased.
    Is that good dogs can feel its elasticity and vitality. If you are lazy and soft, it will not be good dogs.
    The barking of dogs can also reflect the health status. It is better to bark the crispy and bright, and those who are weak and weak are poor.
    The hereditary diseases of dogs, for example, there are more than 20 genetic diseases in small ladies. There are also more than 10 kinds of Chirawa dogs, Beijing dogs, and fox dogs. The more popular, the more you may have genetic diseases. Because some owners often breed and reproduce dogs with genetic diseases, making dogs with more and more genetic diseases. When buying dogs, you should pay special attention to whether the dog has hereditary eye disease (cataract, retinal degeneration, night blindness, glaucoma, vitreous turbidity, eyelashes, etc.) genetic encephalopathy, joint disease, diabetes, etc. The word of the main side.

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