5 thoughts on “Why do dogs like to bones”

  1. First, nature
    We know that dogs have evolved from wolves, so the dogs are very similar to the wolf. And the bones are one of the nature of the wolf, so the dogs naturally like to be stubborn. Until now, bones are no longer the existence of dog food, but this nature can never change.

    . It can help dogs molars
    The important reason why dogs like to bones are to grind their teeth. Because the bones are relatively hard, the dog bite can remove the stones on the teeth and prevent periodontal disease and bad breath. And can also train the dog's bite force, which helps to kill the prey, so the dog likes to bones so much. In addition, in addition to bones, dogs can also buy some hard and hard chicken jerky, which can also help the dog to molars to remove the bad breath.

    . It can make dogs forming
    The stomach of some dogs is very fragile, often vomiting and dilute. But the bone can help the dog's stool more dry, making it easier for it to form. This not only allows the dog to be normal, but also brings great convenience to the cleaning work of the pet owner. However, it should be noted that if you feed your dogs, do not choose those small and sharp ones. It is best to choose some big bones.

    . It can be eaten and played
    The dogs are very greedy, and although there is no meat on the bones, it still has a fleshy flavor, so the dogs are only on the bones. Such love. Moreover, dogs are often at home and will feel boring. At this time, the bones can play with the dog to let it wake up. So this bone can be eaten and played.

    5. It can absorb calcium and fat
    The nutrition in the bones is actually very rich, especially to supplement the dogs to supplement calcium and fat, so dogs like to bone bones so much so much Essence But the bones contain less calcium, but there are many fats, and dogs do not need too much fat, otherwise it is easy to cause dog obesity. Therefore, the pet owner wants to supplement the dog with calcium and fat, and you can choose a highly calcium, low -fat natural food for the dog. Occasionally feed some fruits and vegetables occasionally, and the nutrition is more comprehensive.

  2. Mainly because the dog's teeth are relatively fast, the dogs are bones to grind the dog's own teeth, and they will particularly like bones.

  3. Dogs like to eat bones, but do you know the reason?
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  4. This is not like a human nature, people like to eat meat, and then dogs like to bones are similar. Everyone's preferences are different. For example, some people like to eat rice, some people like to eat rice. Different hobbies.

  5. Why do dogs like to bones? Because dogs are carnivores and teeth heartache. There are bone marrows in the bones and can also grind their teeth, so dogs especially like bones. In fact, the dog still likes to eat meat. If you give meat, he will not bones

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