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  1. Dogs are more troublesome when no one is looking at. It may not only cause harm to themselves, but also bring many unnecessary troubles to the family. For example, naughty and bad things are naughty when the owner is absent. .. Suggestions: 1) Prepare dog cages at home. When going out, put it in a dog cage ... 2) When going out, he hosted it to a relative and friend who lives nearby. Put the food that dogs usually use, turn the basin, toys, and bring them away. Carefully explain the daily habits of the dog ... help relatives and friends to take care of it better. And helping the dog adapt to the change of the new environment ~ 3) at home Nearby, find a pet club, you can make pets and custody ... There are professionals, helping to protect your dogs, and take care of your diet is a good choice ~ Finally, I want to say ... raising dogs, the most, the most Carefully think about it. Don't do it because of a moment of preferences ... raising dogs is a very patient thing ... The general life of a dog is about 20 years. In other words, you have a negative to it. The responsibility of 20 years of raising is ... During this period, you have to take it out to walk every day. Even if you come back, you should be tired. You should persist ... regularly do various seedlings of seedlings, deworming work ... dogs and dogs ... dogs and dogs ... Dogs are dogs ... Dogs are dogs ... Dogs are dogs ... Dogs ... After the dog is injured, it takes time to take care of it ... Everyone is inevitable, and it is a dog ... The dog's resistance is more fragile than people ~ If you are ready to let the dog grow. . Production, postpartum work ... Daily diet, exercise, and cleaning work ... These must be persistent ... If you often travel frequently, business is busy, it is recommended not to raise pets for the time being ... If so I really have time to look at the dog and have love, I hope to accompany the dog. Of course, I have strongly supported it ... I wish your wish to realize it soon ...

  2. 1 Hold it 2 Telling people to take care of 3 and send to pet school 4 to find a 5 training with 5 training, find food at home, you stipulate the place where you put food at home.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am Zhang Qiaoqiao, a national practicing veterinarian, and I will solve the problem for you next. Please try to introduce pet species, age, gender, vaccination, insect repellent, existing symptoms, etc. Special reminder: Baidu consultation is a roller reply, you can only send "6 times you want to say"nIt's okay, the general office workers are at home by the dogs themselvesnAsk the dog if the dog will have to separate the anxiety, Bie dog, if no one is at home,nIf the answer is not possible, the dog's personality is very good. When you see you at night, you must be very happy, but there will be no anxiety. Because if someone at home accompany him at home for a whole day, after you go home, he will still show what you miss you very muchnWhat should I do if no one is with the puppy at home?nThe answer is okay, most puppies are at home during the day, and the owner will go home after get off workn4 morenBleak

  4. You can buy a big cage and put it in the cage when you leave. Just put water and dog food. If you are conditional, you can put it in a pet shop to foster.

  5. If you are used to feeding pet dogs in the morning, the owner should eat some dog food for the dog early, remove the food basin after eating, and then leave the dog at home. Generally speaking, it should be paved with the dog's urine pads before going out. This is used by dogs, and then prepared enough water to allow dogs to drink at any time during the day. In addition, don't prepare food. In this way, dogs can spend a day at home
    It if you are not at ease, you can find neighbors or believe in help. This can make the puppy less lonely and ensure the safety of the puppy.

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